Nerve pain in leg

Anyone got any ideas as to how to stop that dreadful nerve pain running down ones leg? Its driving me nuts, like toothache.



Hi Bren,

I find myself struggling with this regularly, generally after ive taken my Rebif, its sometimes like a sciatica pain and other times like a constant cramp/ache, ive found that heat generally helps i bought myself a microwave pack that usually eases it a bit. Failing that and i know it probally doesnt seem like something you might want to do but taking a walk can help.

I hope it eases soon for you

Take care


Thank you sparrow. It does feel like something is trapped. Im suffering back problems too so perhaps its a mixture of ms and osteo problems. Its so wearing.

A friend suggested amytryptiline. Ill try heat this afternoon, its far too cold to go dancing in the garden (I wish).



Im on amytriptaline also 125mg doesnt really help me to be honest, im also on pregabalin this has helped a bit so perhaps give that a go, since been on it doesnt seem to occur as frequently :slight_smile: Maybe try a little bit of indoor seat shuffling rather than the outdoor garden dancing might help moral if nothing else ha ha :slight_smile:


hi bren

i really hope the pain goes away for you…

lots of love

mandy xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Bren

I suffer with leg pain too and, like you say, it does drive you nuts.

Like Sparrow, I’m also on Pregabalin and Amitriptyline (although a higher dose than Sparrow) and I think it probably does help a bit. Mind you, the side effects of taking both of these together are not very pleasant, to say the least, so it really rather depends on whether you could cope with the pain without them. I wish I could!

If you happen to find a ‘cure’ do please let me know :slight_smile:


I was going to suggest amitriptyline, I find it helpful for nerve and sensory pain. I take 50mg a night.

I hope you feel a bit better soon.

Hi Bren.

Sorry I missed this till now. Is it any better? Can you see a neurophysio to try and find out the cause?


Hello Bren,

Can’t give you any advice but hope you are feeling better soon.

Janet x

Hello Bren,

Can’t give you any advice but hope you are feeling better soon.

Janet x

Hi, I now get this 24/7, it’s either a buring pain, or freezing cold, when I first started with it I spoke to my Nuero, who told me it was nerve pain, and to do with the nerve endings, I take Gabepentin 1600mg a day, to be honest I don’t think it touches it anymore, and yes I could go higher, or maybe take something else, but where do you stop, you’re right though it drives me crazy, although I have it all the time, it gets a lot worse at night, I haven’t been able to sleep with covers touching my legs for about 2yrs, and have a bed cage to keep then off, some pj’s I can’t wear because of the material, so you have my sympathy, take care, Jean x p.s it’s now started in my arms, and my face, great, x

Strangely when I took my first amytryptiline both my legs started? Im wondering if they have been sensitive for some time as Ive had that sort of restless leg syndrome where I didnt know what to do with them. You explain it so eloquently, yes Ive had problems sleeping with them and this morning limping like mad. I expect it is the nerve endings being tweeked. Shame the wrinkles on my face arent being tweeked for free.

Like youve said though, how much doseage to take and how do we know when the pain is still there what its doing. Ive heard so many msers have problems with gabapentine to the point they had mobility issues worse than before they started.

Ill keep on with meds but increase them slowly and if they dont work over a period think Ill just have to put up with the pain. Not nice living in pain is it. Ive also got spine pain due to osteo.

This government in their wisdom isnt going to recognise the fatigue nor the pain we suffer, apparently its all comes free with ms?

Best wishes