Nerve block for chronic neuropathic pain

Greetings, and don’t forget that it’s getting lighter by two minutes a day. I’ve got horrible neuropathetic pain in the feet and working up both legs,so I’m asking Walton Neuro in Liverpool for help…Begging actually.

So I’m wondering if you know about the blocking from personal experience.

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Hello Woblyboy,

Have you ever tried Gabapentin? It works a treat for me.


Thanks Pat, the G has seved me well for four years,but I am now on Butrans patches,rather they’re on me,Oromorph and a tiny bit of cabanis.With luck I sleep for three hours,and have a two hour ‘sweet spot’ when I can bear to get out on my buggy,after which the pain dominates everything.They’ve tried SCS, to no avail, and DBS was offered,but at the time the risks outweighed the possible benefits. I’d jump(megalol) at the chance now.



Have you asked about a ketamine infusion Wb?

I had it last June and it was an absolute lifesaver. The pain had got absolutely unbearable and I was on morphine patches, oxycontin, gabapentin and tegreteol and was still in screaming agony and hospitalised for the pain. Three days of the ketamine and all my pain receptors have been rebooted and I feel like a new woman. Bloody brilliant stuff

Definitely worth asking your neuro about


I can remember your post re ketamine and the —isn’t that a horse tranqilliser comments.I can’t believe that was June,it seems like a month or two ago.

How long is it effective for then?

Hope your well and Wb sounds a good one to try,mind you is it available in the UK?


Thanks Belinda, that is something else to row about with the Neurotic if he ever comes out of his Ivory Tower.That’s really good that it helped you so much,and I hope things aren’t too bad at the moment

Pip,thanks for your comments,and as for availability,we will see

Cheers Girls,

Wb xx

Hi Wobblyboy was just wondering if you had any luck with getting to see the neuro yet. Hope things are ok

Kim x


Something you could try as well is mindfulness meditations. There’s lots of evidencce it can help with pain management (if you google mindfulness & pain management you’ll find some stuff about it). I took part in a study recently that was funded by the MS Society, into the effects of mindfulness meditation. I really enjoyed it, and found it helps me a lot both in terms of pain and emtional well-being.

If you’ve not heard of it, mindfulness is simply about noticing what we’re experiencing. For example, being aware of what all the different parts of our body’s feeling, what we’re feeling & thinking, what we can hear or taste etc. But the aim is try & let go of the desire to change anything, or label anything as good or bad.

The idea of it doesn’t sound like it could help with anything, and I thought if anything it could make things worse - the idea of simply noticing the pain I was feeling, without doing anything to try & relieve it or distract myself, sounded like it could be torture. Admittedly, at first it was. But the more i practiced it the better things got. I used to think that I was in pain, but actually that’s not true - usually it would only be a tiny bit of me that was experiencing pain. And that pain wasn’t constant; it would come & go. And the vast majority of my body would be feeling all kinds of other things. Being mindful was a bit like looking at a map - by noticing the rest of my body, it was like zooming out of the map, so that the ‘street’ that I was feeling pain on became much smaller relative to everything else on the map.

I don’t know if that makes any sense, and by the sounds of it I’ve not had pain like you’ve been getting it, but I hope it helps and you find relief somehow.


he_funk suggested “mindfullness meditation”, I had never heard of this and looked it up - only to find that I knew it under several other names.

The approaches (and the applications) are all slightly different - but I know that at least two of them worked for me (and/or for people I worked with).

Give it a try!