nero nightmare

Ok its that time again to try to get a proper nero. One is not a pointless depressed doctor who just see’s you because its your turn.

Anyone got a super hero nero?

Nope Posh… I see mine once a year… well actually I see a registrar once a year and see the neuro every few years. It’s basically a waste of time. I only go because the letters are useful for benefit claims!

Not sure I’ve seen you on here before… so if you’re new, Welcome! Always nice to see a new member of the gang.

Pat xx

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same here Pat, i only go just to ‘keep in the system’ and for letters of proof, also.i lost faith in any neuros,many years ago.

J x

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None of them have a cure, or treatment for PPMS and only see mine to keep in the loop. Still, we do talk about football, so not a complete waste of time.


Haven’t seen Mine for yonks, a complete waste of time, a very arrogant, belittling little man, who had no answers to my questions, who after telling me there was no cure, informed me to forget about it and get on with your life!!,…fat chance.

If anyone has a good one…hang on to him/her for as long as you can.

Pam x

P.S. welcome Posh if you are new to our forum.

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i actually DO like the ms specailist i see,hes really nice,and does listen to you, which is worth a lot,and the one before him was just as nice,he retired after i saw him twice,but the ones i saw before them thought they were GOD…

J x

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I haven’t seen one since diagnosed about ten years ago. I do have an MS Nurse I can ring if I need/want to.

Jan x

Mine is wonderful, I am never pushed on to a registrar, and he gives me all the time I need.

I don’t go too often but if I have a problem in between visits he will always fit me in.

I know how lucky I am!

Nina x

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