Neighbours can be a lifeline, a nightmare or be completely unknown.

Just having a ponder …

My neighbours are okay but if I could choose I’d love to have James Martin on one side, Alan Titchmarsh on the other with Martin Lewis and Kim and Aggy over the road. Have I forgotten anyone?!!

Tippy x

I’d probably let James Martin move in, never mind live next door. Just don’t tell Mr Sssue.

And my next door neighbour thinks Mr Sssue is almost perfect. Her daughter wants to buy the house at the other side of us, she is so envious of her mother’s neighbour.

Aggy and Kim would be too judgemental. And I’m OCD enough as it is.

And our neighbour over the back is almost as good as Alan Titchmarsh. He comes round, pulls up weeds and plants sunflowers. What could be finer?

So I suspect I live in the perfect place. My Mr Sssue is nearly as good as James Martin. And since I’d just get even fatter with none of the side benefits of having James Martin on tap, I think I’ll stick with what I’ve got!!


professor brian cox is my extra.

james martin must be next door.

i love the way he introduces his show “mornin’ you coming in then?”

now i have the neighbours theme song as an ear worm!

thanks a lot (not).