Needs some help, before i go insane!!!!

Hi all

Hope you’re all as well as possible at the moment!!

I’m looking for some ideas PLEASE!! I work as a part time evening carer and I’m a trained counsellor & and do this mostly voluntarily as and when I’m needed (tend to work with young people mostly, and its surprising how many are “OK” come the summer holiday!! ) What I’m looking for is something I can do during the day so I can earn a little bit of spare cash, will fit in with my MS (so ideally something I can do from home at the times during the day whenI’m feeling well enough to!) and something to stop me going bat s**t crazy!!!

Anyone have any ideas!!! My minds clear, its just the fatigue, stiffness & use of the toilet as soon as I need to go!!! That I need to work around!! So ANY ideas would be great!!!

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to any ideas you can throw my way!

Love Sarah xXx

You read my mind Sarah :slight_smile: Frustrating isn’t it? I have a morning Saturday job but that doesn’t bring in much, I’m just not used to not contributing financially the way I used to. I managed to pass up to and including my Level 3 in Counselling but have the 2 year Diploma to do and I really don’t know whether to carry on if my employment opportunities are less than they were :frowning: Hope you get some suggestions, good luck. Sam x

Hi Sam

I LOVED doing my diploma, and was alway aware that it was never going to become a lucrative business! But I learnt a lot about myself during the whole course and made some amazing friends, and have met some amazing (and some quite odd!) clients doing it! So my advice would be, if you’re doing it to use it for a good job, don’t bother! But if you want to do it to learn more about yourself and and use it as a part time career, then go for it!

Hope this has helped and not hindered your decision!! Keep me posted!!

Sarah xXx

Thank you for your reply x It took me a while to find the post, it had fallen back a way bit!! Lots to think about. Sam x

Hi, if you haven`t already thought about it, what about extending your caring work, to include more hours and pay?


In the UK do you have phone line supports for young people? We do here in Austalia, it is called Kidsline, a bit like Life Line but dedicated for young people. Would it be worth contacting them (if they exist) and seeing if there are any jobs going there, which with modern technology etc you could hopefully do from home, given it is all phone based.

I work from home as a veterinary triage nurse answering after hour emergency calls and I love it. I can work in bed in my PJs if I need to Often it is just basic common sense nursing advice or First Aid advice and when the animal does need actual veterinary attention I then liaise with the vets and organise an after hours appointment.

Hope something turns up for you,