I need part time work from home.

I need to find part time work from home as I am a full time carer for my partner Dee and because of my MS I can only earn upto £120 a week without affecting my ESA benefit.

My fatigue stops me doing any physical work so something on the PC would be ideal. Ive looked at online surveys etc but its a no go. Someone suggested ironing from home but even that is too physical.

Any ideas or suggestions would be much appreciated.

Buying and selling on ebay. Look for cheap items made in China on Christmas is coming so cheap presents etc.,. etc.,. Good luck!

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i was just going to suggest ebay.

chinese razors are dead cheap and the equivalent in the uk cost £8

good luck

carole x

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re - Online surveys - keep in mind no-one says you have to be honest in your feedback.

I do one a week (so it’ll take ages to earn my £50 - but never mind.) If I put my mind to it I could do at least 10 per day.

I’ve learnt to make most of my answers utter rubbish.

How much TV do I watch a day? If I put the honest answer it then goes on to ask for loads more opinions so I just say 5 minutes of BBC 1pm news.

Work? Most of my replies are make-believe.

Do I claim benefits? - Prefer not to answer.

Who do I bank with? - as above

and so on. They say it’s totally confidential and you cannot be identified - if that’s true so be it. If not - well no-one has contacted my yet.

What I’m saying is don’t rule it out - if you have the time and patience.

Other than that how about proof-reading? Publishing houses may offer roles, but do try the universities and local colleges too, students pay you to check the spelling and grammar (not the content) of their thesis(s) and even overseas students taking English can send you their work electronically for proof-reading.

Worth a try.

Good luck

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If you have a special skill like art, craft, woodwork… etc.,. and like teaching you could produce your own online course or learn the IT and produce lessons for someone else.

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Your`e only issued 3 or 4 a week max so it would take too long to earn.

If it was 10 a day that would be easy money.