Hope you are all as well as you can be.

I am wondering if anyone can help me or point me in the right direction, please.

I have lived with MS since at least 2005, being formally diagnosed in 2007. Due to unpredictable physical and mental fatigue, which has gradually deteriorated over the years, I’m in the process of being retired early from my work as a Social Worker.

I can no longer reliably commit myself to regular hours or duties. However, I am keen to explore other occupations / businesses which can be undertaken from home, in my own time and at my own pace. I am willing to complete an Open University type course to acquire any necessary skills.

Does anyone have any examples of the sorts of jobs / businesses, people with compromised energy levels and cognition, have started from their own homes? Or, do you know who I should contact for ideas?

Kind regards



Hi Ged

Cannot help you there but I am interested in what replies (if you get any) you will get. Next to my own condition of SPMS I have the care of a disabled daughter at home, which does not make things easier.

Still, I have always been a very active person (although ‘slow motion’ started to show its teeth at some point…) and I would like to stay busy workwise, one way or the other. I see this as a way of dealing with the condition, as long as certain limitations are taken into account.

Therefore I am just like you wondering what’s still possible/ available for MSers who still want to be part of working life.

FYI, I have been a bookkeeper/ administrator for most of my working life (born 1963), changed to the role of carer in 2007 for obvious and less obvious reasons, was dismissed several months ago because I had become too much of a risk (although this was not said with as many words…).

BTW, I have recently been thinking about becoming a teaching assistant (and not more than that!), after helping out at my son’s (primary) school, is an idea to start with?

Regards, Jos (Gloucestershire…)

Hi Ged

I had a long story/ reply ready for ‘consumption’ re ‘Work and MS’ and I then must have touched a wrong button (‘GRUMPY FACE’ in words…).

Will give it another (more controlled) go later on after I have calmed down…

It’s a subject very close to me.