need help or advice

Hi! I’m new to this website but I guess that I could ask for some help or advice, maybe someone dealt with similar situation.
I’ve been diagnosed with MS 2 years ago living in Ukraine. I had a super sponsor visa and moved to Scotland not so long ago. I currently live in a hotel but already applied for social housing with high priority due to my diagnosis. They are aware of that I need to be taken care of because of MS that is why they are looking for a suitable apartment for me and my partner. The question is that my life partner is still in Ukraine and can’t come to me because she doesn’t have a visa. She applied for Homes for Ukraine Scheme but all that we hear is that she has to find a sponsor on her own. The thing is that all she needs is just a visa to be able to come over here and stay in my place and not at sponsor’s so there is no inconvenience to that person.
I guess what I’m trying to ask is maybe some one could help with any information where we can find a sponsor for her to come to Scotland. She will have a place to stay when I get the housing, until then she will just wait in Ukraine.
Thank you for reading and thank you for any information you can share