need energy

hi just a wee post to ask if there is anyfin the doc could prescribe to give me an energy boost while awaiting diagnosis . i am so tired rite now and its affecting my moods , my wee boy has just started school although i hav been ok gettin up and getting him off to school its just leaving me extremly tired i hav no energy watso ever .i am even thinking of taking drugs from a friend who has offerd but i would prefer the doc to prescribe me . i can barley move 2day legs r so heavy and i feel drunk wen walking all i want is to sleep please help is there anything i can ask the doctor for

Hi Heather, whatever you do DO NOT take drugs from your friend… please! It could make things much worse for you.

Go and see your GP. Yes there are some med’s that might help.

Believe me I know how bad the fatigue is and can’t even imagine having it and looking after young child… but taking drugs containing God only knows what is not the way to go.

Your little boy would rather have a tired mummy than a mummy out of her head of drugs… or worse! And when you stopped taking the drugs you would feel much much worse.

Phone the GP Monday morning and get appointment and see what he/she can do.

In meantime, rest as much as is possible with a small child. Only do the essential things. Doesn’t matter at all if your home is messy. The housework police will not come round and arrest you… so only absolutely essential stuff and rest whenever you can.

It’s hard hon, but hang on in there.

Pat x

thanks pat for your reply i will phone the doc on monday morning and tell her wat am feeling . i just dont understand theres days wen am absulutly brill and can do alot but then days wen a cant even get out of bed its a horrable horrable feeling i wouldnt wish this on anyone but sometimes i feel like a wish my family were in my shoes ,they just dont understand that a have good days and bad days they are starting to get annoyed not with me but with the doctors as i just take wat they say and never fight bac . 3 months it took them to giv me my mri results they were there sitting on the secterys desk , i just dont hav the fight in me anymore its been far 2 long 14years is a long time for a diagnosis so sorry for going on

No need to say sorry hon. I know it’s awful… and varies so much day to day.

Try to think in a ‘one day at a time’ way. And on good days try not to overdo it or you might pay for it next day.

It’s very hard to explain fatigue to anyone. Have you looked at the fact sheet on this site (somewhere). Maybe if you got a factsheet on fatigue for the family they would understand better?

Have you thought about changing neuro? I did when I had one who wasn’t helpful (very polite way of saying she was cr*p).

Remember that most of us on this forum suffer the same fatigue and do know what you’re going through… so you are not on your own with this.

Take care,

Pat x

Bless you. Fatigue is so hard to explain, keep trying though.

Rest when you can and like Pat says, no need to worry about housework etc.

Google the spoon theory and pass it on to your family and friends.