Fatigue..any tips?

I havent been diagnosed yet but pretty definate given symptoms and lesions on brain and spine. I am finding fatigue awful. I work 4 days and have two young kids…found i pushed through week and today i am useless. Just want to go to bed …any tips for reducing fatigue?

Hi there! Firstly, it’s a bit obvious, but try not to do too much. Don’t be scared to ask for help, families and friends are godsends. When you get chance for a break, take it. Don’t beat yourself up for not being able to do as much as you want to, be kind to yourself.

I wish I had practical advice - what is it you’re struggling with? Are you getting enough sleep?

Smidge x

I’m also waiting for a diagnosis but struggling get with fatigue. I work shifts so in the past had put it down to too many nights. I’ve started having to allow myself a duvet day on a rest day where I do literally nothing. It helps but I struggle not to feel lazy for not doing anything. Good luck with the diagnosis.

Struggling staying awake…playing with kids and doing housework x


Have a look at

Basically the message is that you can’t just ‘push through’ fatigue. You need to learn how to manage it. And having small children is going to make that difficult.

You need to get help if possible, so that you can do the things that have to be done, and don’t worry too much about the things that can wait.

Try to get enough sleep. Try not to drink caffeine to help you keep going. Or anything else, like alcohol, neither will help in the long run.

Treat energy like a battery. Once it’s used up, you will have to charge it in order to get any more power.

And see if you can not worry too much. Stress won’t make fatigue any better. And what will be, will be, unfortunately. If you get a definitive diagnosis, at least you might be able to get some drugs that might help.