Any tips on how to battle fatigue newly diagnosed

I’m 29 I’m not on any medication yet any tips would be much apretcated

Try not to fight it. If at all possible take time to close your eyes. If you’re in employment could you have a doze in your car at lunchtime, or ask your boss about taking even 15 minutes in a quiet room?

I pooped onto post to see if I could get some help with that. I’m literally doing nothing all day long. As soon as I move I feel exhausted. I think we just have to wait it out and hopefully it eases. I’m not dx but pretty bad just now. I would say rest when u need to, take your time with tasks you need to do and try to limit bow many things you do in a day.


Managing fatigue is all about not trying to ‘push past’ tiredness and fatigue. It’s doing things in small chunks rather all at once, resting, getting enough sleep and just allowing yourself downtime.

I think of energy and fatigue as being like a bank balance. You start out each day/week with a certain amount of energy. If you use it all up, you can only top it up by resting. And if you overspend your energy, you go overdrawn and have to pay it back 8n the form of rest.

Have a look at There are some good tips there about how to manage your fatigue.


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I think Sue has hit the nail on the head, I find if I listen to my body, and take an appropriate break when I need to I get through the day much easier. I work full time, and often find myself just sitting down for 5 mins before getting started again. Prior to diagnosis, I would just keep pushing myself, but in hindsight I don’t believe it did me any favours. Keep pushing myself just lead to longer and longer recovery times.

Obviously, whilst there may be much in common with others with MS, there may still be many differences. Receiving a diagnosis allowed me to think more about it, and to take notice to what my body had been telling me for years.