Fighting fatigue?

Hi just wondering if anyone has any tips on fighting fatigue? Or any tips on improving it etc.

Got CIS around September but after steroids/meds. I experienced more symptoms fatigue being the most damaging one.

Been trying to fight the fatigue by going swimming etc but it sure beats me up after very minor exercise,

feeling sick and dizzy for a good coupe of hours after…

Any tips ideas ? Need to figure out a way of raising the bar or is this deal now?

hi geeman

mild exercise is essential but don’t overdo it.

next time you go for a swim try fewer lengths.

you have to find your limits and adjust to them.

then you can build it up gradually.

when the fatigue hits, rest a while.

carole x



i agree with carol.

be aware of the language that u use. fight is a word i dont use. why? fight implies i can win. ms is much stronger than me and takes what it wants. does this mean that i am a pushover?! regulars of the board know that not the case!

accept and live life to the full within ur new capabilities.

take care, ellie

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That is exactly what I was going to say. Don’t start a fight you can’t win. Check out for some management tips.


Hi folk! Thanks for the reply’s, I kind of thought that was the case with the above statements. Having a new limit that is. The trouble arose when my neurologist said I should get back to work! Lol which had angered me a little because my job is very physical… Involves ladders and a lot of running around even when fit is a struggle! Plus I’ve still other symptons I’m trying different meds for pain etc but that’s another story. I did find that I have a limit, once I go over it my whole day is ruined so I have been trying to stay within it mainly because I don’t like the sick dizzy feeling for hours. I did get the impression from my neurologist I should be pushing that limit which had me really confused! Yes I do believe in staying active but pushing your body limits to where it breaks can’t be good everyday plus it’s not good feeling worse than you already do. It’s all good taking to a specialist doctor, but they don’t have the illness we do! So who better to ask than folk dealing with it. Thanks for the tips and advice I’ll be sure to take them onboard Oh and Merry Xmas

Your neurologist sounds like a bit of an idiot. (IMO)

I think of energy as a sort of banking system. When you use it all up you run up an overdraft, which has to be paid back. So if you are already starting on very low funds (ie, you have MS or CIS fatigue), you simply have less energy to use up. And once it’s gone, the only way of replenishing it is rest.

So while exercise can increase the amount of energy you have, you need to balance it. So swim, but for a shorter time. And if your job is very physical, don’t attempt to go at it full tilt, then do some extra exercise on top. Start practising Fatigue Management, this means breaking physical (and mental) tasks up and doing things in small chunks, rather than all in one go.

And don’t push yourself further than is sensible. If you are getting sick and dizzy feelings (maybe you have a touch of vertigo?) then it seems that’s too much.

Happy Christmas to you too Geeman.


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The best way I can think about it/explain if asked is that when I let my ‘drive’ take over & I work at 100%. It takes me about 3 hours to recover. So what I am trying to say is, what would have pre ms made me feel in need of a break, now make me feel like I have done extrem exercise. Geeman, I have sort of got the same message from my ms nurse & I get it. They are trying to help us do as much as we can.

But they can’t really empathise, I am still trying to understand the new ‘me’.

P.s. I am working full time, but would not !!! Do a ladder.


I understand the comments about the terminology “fight” but I would also advocate not being too defeated, my targets and goalposts are constantly changing but I still enjoy little victories. I wont vanquish my MS but I do not want to let it vanquish me.

In my opinion you should become very aware of how you feel, set your own thresholds for how hard to push and when to back off so that you make the most of the resources (energy) available to you.

A huge lesson I learned was not to waste energy on being angry, (Easier said than done and I do still have the odd incandescent rage) try to save it for the good stuff.

I tend to become aware of “a reduced battery” at about 50% used so I then pace myself to about 75%, When I go beyond this the impact outweighs any smug good feelings and the next day is a write off. I also try to plan busy days and less busy days when I can.

I loved swimming but as it felt easy in the water I would always overdo it and wipe myself out to the point of not being able to get out safely or dress myself. I have altered my regime accordingly.

Good luck


Hi again, Thanks again for the thoughtful reply’s to all, good point with the vertigo I’ll look into that if I move to quick/jerky I can get the dizzy feeling but I will subside fairly quickly. It’s good to see people still working kudos at you! Think I’ll be looking at a career change if this keeps up… i did take health insurance through my work so it’s not so bad for me that way, And they’ve been great in fairness. Just trying to get back to some degree of fitness granted it’s a battle alright lol ​and that is the same feeling I get extreme exercise for walking 50 metres lol funny to think back pre illness how fit able you are to bang take this. I resisted the meds for long enough now but gave in recently due to the pain doing my box in! Tried amtrypiline wasn’t for me period never again. So start gabapentin tomorrow so hopefully numbs the pain out a bit, and don’t end up like a zombie for 3 days. Tuesday today so me and the boy were swimming , or him swimming me floating… Reserved myself seem to work better thanks for the tips! Have a good one, it’s Christmas Time