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Does anyone know if I leave my job with council and work for another company would I still be able to get ill health retirement on my local authority pension if I became unable to work ? Sorry for anon but workmates know I use this site. much appreciated for any info regarding this.

I would think your pension would freeze when you leaveuntil you retire. I considered opting out of mine a few years ago because of cost but was persuaded to stay partly because the benefits only apply when scheme is active. Hope this helps. xx

I think there may be 2 or 3 levels of ill health retirement. If your are declared unfit for gainful employment, they would probably freeze your pension if you worked elsewhere. Best wishes, Steve

Hi I sort of understand how ill health retirement works if still with same company and that pension will be frozen when I work for another company. What I mean is can claim ill health on frozen pension ? Many thanks.

Hi Anon

When you leave the local government pension scheme you become a deferred member. Your pension is as Steve says frozen. You will be sent an annual statement each year regarding the pension. You can apply to your pension scheme if you are unable to work through ill health. I have found the pension scheme administrators very helpful in answering my queries and they will do you a forecast. If you become a deferred member your payout may be different than if you are an active member ie still working for the local government.

Regards Helen

As far as I can remember there are two tiers. If they decide you are eligible for tier 1 then you can get a small pension and still work elsewhere. If after assessment you are eligible for tier 2, as I was, you are not able to work anywhere or your pension will be frozen.

I think this is right. I know I was awarded tier 2 and the paperwork said I am not permitted to work anywhere. I am hoping this will help out a bit when I apply for PIP in 2015. I was awarded DLA indefinitely but was told that I will be reassessed by PIP in 2015. Afterall, Atos were the ones who carried out my assessment and decided I was unable to work and I assume Atos are one of the companies involved with the reassessments. Be interesting to see what happens.

Shazzie x

Many thanks that helps a lot. It’s not so much I want to leave just worried about redundancies !

I think you are well covered with regard to redundancies. There were redundancies going on when my ill health stuff was going through. I remember HR saying they would be in big trouble if they suggested redundancy.

Good luck.

Shazzie x

Thanks for that hopefully I’ll be fittish for work for few years yet but as the saying goes knowledge is power!