does anyone know about ill health retirement?

its not looking like i will be able to return to work as a nurse again, been working 35 years in total, 20 nhs, last ten in private, gradually reduced to 14 hrs last year, now been off sick three months, look after disabled hubby and have 20 years nhs pension frozen, am mid fifties so afew years yet to pension age!

I’m sorry, Wanda, have nothing to offer except hope that you can find the information you need. Can you get advice from your HR deparment about the options open to you with your current pension provider if it is done through work, or directly with your private pension provider if not? You may get replies here from people who know a bit about how NHS frozen pensions work and whether there is anything you can pursue there.

It’s awful having this sort of thing to worry about when you are feeling unwell (by definition!) and I’m sure you could do without the stress.

Good luck with it all.



It differs for every organisation so do not know about NHS. But if you contact TPAS it is a free Government organisation who will advise