NHS ill-health retirement and likely pension

Hi, I am a band 7 in NHS and because of ms progression I am applying for I’ll health retirement, I have spoken with my manager, union rep,GP and Neurologist and all are in agreement. All possible reasonable adjustments have being made and I am more than happy to retire. Although I know I have no choice I am curious to know what my pension would be…I have 23 years NHS work ,17 fulltime,4 at 30hrs/WK, and 2@22.5\wk?? Any ideas or personal experience would be appreciated.

Hello Rose

I went direct to NHS pensions to get a forcast. Have a look on line for the contact details…hope this helps.


I work for the local council and I believe when we are retired due to ill health there is a three tier banding and which level we receive our pension depends on the “works Dr’s” assessment of whether we will ever work again. If we were to receive a full pension assessment it is made up to what we would have received had we worked till normal retirement age. As Blossom says ring them and ask for a forecast. Do you not get a yearly statement that should give you a rough idea. I’m heading the same way and to be honest I don’t want to tempt fate by getting a forecast. What will be will be and there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it. Best of luck. Jan

I’m a bit out of date but my understanding is that, depending on your age, there can be a big difference between the two types of NHS ill health retirement pension that you could receive:

Tier 1 - if you’re unable to do your current job, you get what you’ve ‘earned’ to date, paid immediately

Tier 2 - if you can’t do any job (same hours as you currently work), you get the Tier 1 pension plus 2/3rds of the pension you could earn from now to pension age

If you’re still relatively young, that extra bit of Tier 2 could be worth quite a lot to you.

Your GP & Neuro in particular may not be aware of the distinction between Tier 1 and Tier 2. They may innocently word their reports ambiguously, but you can help them to be clearer by contacting them and explaining Tier 1 and Tier 2.

Lolli xx

If there are different pension schemes paying varying amounts you need to familiarise yourself with them and ‘apply’ for the best one. Don’t assume your employer is looking after your best interests.

There is no worries with the NHS pension…mine was sorted out all very smoothly. The people you communicate with are very friendly and helpful. It’s all clearly spelt out