Need advice- is this a new relapse?


i’ve been off work for over a year after 2 relapses last year. The second relapse left me unable to walk, but thankfully I am mobile again. Being stuck at home was unbearable. Im fairly young & wouldnt wish the boredom of a life at home on anyone. I was so excited to start at school last week - I’m doing my initial teacher training with me being predominantly based in secondary school. The fact that I could interact with others & have done something which I could be proud of is what motivates me. I only go to school 3 days a week. I expected to be feeling tired but this feeling is something else.

Since I started back at school I’ve noticed my speech is terrible. My tongue feels heavy & it is such an effort to talk. Im conscious that my words aren’t clear. The teachers & pupils probably think that is just the way that I talk.

Is this a relapse or just my body feeling tired?

Communication skills are vital for teachers- probably vital in every job. If I can’t work then what job can I do to keep me busy and sane? I was a lawyer but after diagnosis and my first relapse I quit my role to start my online business. Over the years I made a full recovery so thought I’ll give teaching a go. But now I’m wondering whether teaching is worth it. What do other MSers do in terms of going out to work or sacrificing the financial reward of a more lucrative role? It seems it is a choice for me between prioritising physical health whilst sacrificing mental health & morale v prioritising mental health & morale whilst sacrificing physical health?

i appreciate all input. Please dont say “its up2u” or something to that effect lol


All I will say is that my husband is a teacher. It’s a very stressful job and stress and MS don’t mix well. Best of luck! X

I’ve only been diagnosed this year after a single attack which has affected my right hand - I’ve got the use of it back now - mostly - still struggle with writing & typing and a few other things.

It’s made work tricky but my company have been supportive with assistive technology & understanding about time off - but having said that I have not been too badly affected yet so the situation doesn’t necessarily compare.

Not sure that helps - but I know I would go bonkers without fulfilling work to do, and I wish you well in finding a solution that work for you.

I’m self employed, diagnosed very unexpectedly in June this year. My business is quite young, only established for 3 years, but I’m finding I’m having to rely on staff to do the work that I can’t as it’s very physically and mentally demanding.

So I’m having to suck up the huge wage bill, trying to draw as little as possible from the business myself and hoping the business can support it long term. Fingers crossed !!

I am just trying to get used to not being able to do what I could before this year’s relapse. It’s a tough thing to get to grips with, accepting that I am not as physically able as I was. Until I relapsed at the end of May I was working 70 hours a week both physical work and the admin of running the business as well as the client liaison.

If I was employed I’m sure I’d be looking at having to find something to do on a flexible basis from home. There’s no way I’d hold down even a part time job now because I can’t be sufficiently reliable.

In your shoes I’d be looking after my health first and letting income, as much as practicable, come second. In the real world I know it’s not that simple but if you aren’t as well as you can be, then you won’t do yourself justice anyway.

Janet x