Need advice am floundering in what to do


Was dx 2006 after going numb from neck down tho had other symptoms throughout the years that were always put to arthritis and/or depression/other ailments usual story tbh.

Anyway last 3/4 weeks have been struggling with dizzy turns/nausea. Seems to be no pattern it just hits then feel extremely tired after it.Went to drs and signed off for past 2 weeks.

WAs going to go back to work tomorrow as feeling bit better but then wham dizzy spell and now left side feels really weak.Can move it etc just that it 'feels' useless.

Also appear to have choking episodes more and more now just with laughing/talking. I just can't seem to swallow if you know what I mean.Its like I forgot how.

So suppose do I go back top work go see dr?Dr always unless really bad doesn't do that much so tbh usually don't bother

I am sorry you are struggling.  It does not really sound as though you are well enough to start work again, does it?  MS troubles an be very hard to explain, I know, but you know how you feel, and there's not point pretending you're well when you aren't.  From what you've said, it sounds as though you should talk to the doctor again and explain how things are for you at the moment.

You don't say what sort of MS you have or what kind of advice you have access to - have you been able to consult a neurologist or MS nurse about what has been happening?

I do hope that things start improving for you soon.



Thanks for reply.

Suppose not really.Just drs are tbh useless unless you are really bad they don't want to know.MS nurse tho a very nice person is much the same tbh - probably cos she is over run with MS'ers that are really struggling -as in can't manage their own personal care etc.

Feel like an inbetweeny not bad enough for meds but not well enough to function 'normally' on a daily basis

Think what scares me is usually quite positive about things and am not this time. Suppose its easy to be positive when not affecting you too much. I genuinely think I could have had a worse dx.Now MND is a real B of an illness

Work are very good about it and know its my MS thats playing up and tbh this is the first time I've been off with MS related stuff in 4 yrs. Have always managed to use a/l/ flexi to cover anything that bothered me.

Thanks for listening anyways maybe just need to vent lol

Oh am RR MS and am only on Amantadine for fatigue which has always been my biggest problem.People  (the MS nurse included) didn't seem to understand how disabling that could be.

No support here from neuro or nurse or gp tbh as not ' bad' enough.

It’s terribly disheartening when you think you might just get the brush-off, but it really is important that they know about the problems you are having and can review whether they are doing enough for you (in terms of disease modifyng drugs in particular.) Please do grit your teeth and be polite but firm!