Need advice about my vision

Hello, My MS is not active and I had only one relapse. In a dark room, you can see some light coming from the moon or the street lighting. This light is faint or dim. I can’t see this light with my central vision. I mean when I look at the light, it disappears as if there’s a blind spot in the middle of what I see. My field of vision is good except the area in the center. This symptom is in BOTH eyes. I find it weird that the same area in each eye is affected (the center of each eye). I don’t think it worsens over time. In bright light, I can see normally. Can MS do this? Should I worry and go to a doctor?

You should seek medical advice, no question. Not all vision problems are caused by MS and some non-MS things are serious and need immediate attention, so you need to get checked out for that reason alone.

For what it’s worth, MS can cause identical visual field problems in both eyes - it has done it to me in the past - so it might be MS. But it might not be. Either way, you need an expert to examine your eyes.


p.s. my visual field problems resolved with time, but I was off the road until they did.

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Sounds like it could be optic neuritis, which can affect one or both eyes. You need to get it checked out so they can work out the best way to help you.