Nearly run over because of vertigo!

Had a few hairy moments with crossing roads lately, due to dizzyness and balance and blurryness! Today was the worst, stood at the kerb waiting to cross the road, each acre that passed made my head spin and i found myself falling forwards when looking down at the kerb, toppled forwards in front of an oncoming car! Lucky he was not going too fast and managed to slow down on time. poor guy must have thought I was some kind of drunk! Also i notice that my judgement of distance and has become way off. Always wait until I think there is a long enough gap to cross then a couple of times found the car pretty close and approaching fast even though I thought they were a long way away. Honestly i’m dangerous! In future, even if means walking a lot futher i’m only going to cross at crossings so i can be sure raffic is stopped before I cross. was my first day back at work today, managed 5 hours but by the time I went home it was impossible to walk in a straight line and focus my eyes. Does anyone else get problems like this?

You were very lucky. I find it very difficult to walk in a straight line. I drop the kids at school in the morning then walk like a drunk robot home again. What some of the parents must think I do not know. I jokingly say that it would be alright if I had the excuse of alcohol! Can be embarrassing at times. My head seems to slow everything down. As I turn my head at times it is like it is in slow motion. My judgment over distance is fine. It is when I’m judging things close by that I have a problem. I go to pick a cup up and knock it flying because it isn’t where I thought it was, things like that.

S x

Oh dear not good! I know what you mean by being thought of as a drunk! All the mums at preschool were looking at me funny today!