name that dish

i have just made something vegetarian.

it has tofu, chick peas, beansprouts, spinach (lots), finely chopped veg, chilli, ginger, garlic, turmeric and garam masala.

but it doesn’t have a name and i haven’t tasted it yet.

look on it as a challenge.

who can give it the best name?

carole x

how about vegetable sahasā utpanna?

it apparently means ‘vegetable random’ in hindi, looking at the provenance of most of the ingredients you’ve used.

you like? let me know if its any good xx

lots of spinach makes it a saag in my mind. not very original, but ‘Hippie Saag’ would be my name for it.

A vegetarian explosion

Spring tofu delight


Popeye’s Delight?


or ‘Saggy Hippie’ perhaps…?

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a friend suggested popeyes surprise moira!

love the saggy hippie paolo!

vegetable random sounds appropriate, fluffyollie.

blossom, i didnt drain the tofu properly so its a soggy tofu delight (mess).

ah well, probably go to the chippy!

carole x

Soggy Saagy Tofu Mess.

l made a spinach curry -Star Anise- lemon grass/garlic/ginger/chillies/ coconut milk/fresh coriander - with Paneer - the lndian cheese. And l had a piece of salmon on the top. With Mushroom Pullao Rice. Looked lovely - the green curry/pink of the salmon and rice.

l do use Tofu occasionally, l like the way it absorbs all the flavours.

was it nice, or rank enough to justify the chippy?

Yah mean there is no prize!!

Oh Poo

Attack of the Vegetables

Clouted by sprouts,
And harassed by carrots!
Poked by the beans,
And screamed at by salad!

Poisoned by cabbage,
And pinched by the peas!
Tripped by the spinach,
And peppered with seeds!

Hair pulled by parsnip,
And bruised by tomato!
Glared at by swede,
And thumped by potato!

Battered by beetroot,
That pinch, punch and poke!
Slapped by the onions,
And Arti, who chokes!

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nobody had any of it fluffyollie!

in fact i didn’t eat anything but toast yesterday.

love the poem blossom.



the prize was the wok full of tofu mess.

collect it at your convenience xx

Yah can stick yah tofu where the sun don’t shine

Clean out the wok though, mine is tatty now-I’ll be round later with mi carrier bag


A bit of mashed tofu is good in loosely scrambled eggs, you get extra protein and it’s about the same texture as the whites so you don’t notice it. Mix in some other bits and pieces to taste :slight_smile: