name of site for help with benefits please and appeal

I was just reading about a lady on here who has just received her letter about being put in the work related group for ESA. Sounds as angry as me !

I know that i have read on here, but cvan’t find it, the name of the site for help. You pay £20 a year for their help. Could someone please furnish me with the correct site name! I have decided to appeal and need all the help I can get.

Just out of hospital having three infusions (6 hours each) of steriods. Drs. not hopeful they will help in my situation, but I hope.

If the other lady with the problem reads this, good luck to you. I am fighting the decision too as my experience with the ATOS Dr was similar to yours. She took my first three (small symptoms) and said that was enough ! What do they know about it?

Thanks in advance for any help.




Karen x

Thanks so much.

I was just reading other blogs on here. You people are so blinking knowledeable and willing to pass info on. You are all marvellous and don’t forget that.

Enjoy your day whereever you are.