Well i tried Naltrexone for over 6 months and am sad to say it didn’t wok forme, as it does for some. I thik there seem to just be times when the ms does hit us hard and no tablet can help. We just have to ride it out ! living with MS is a balance of controling pain and pills plus balancing life as we ll as family. Its not easy and at times were to hard on our selves, we just have remember that its ok not to be able to handle it all as we’re oly Human x

Thanks for posting this.

I am sorry LDN did not work for you.


Hi, I gave ldn a go for 5/6 months a few years back. At first the bladder got much better behaved and the spasms reduced greatly. But it caused so much night disturbance. Then the benefits waned, so i came off it.

But since then, I`ve been told i dont have MS, so it wasnt really for me anyway.

Glad it helps so many folk here.

luv Pollx

Sorry to hear ldn didn’t work for you. It can be extremely difficult to establish the correct dose and hope you were using liquid ldn to help the experiment.

Thankfully, there are a few promising treatments in the pipeline and hope you find something more useful.