NAD+ thoughts?

Has anybody tried this one?

was sold it & read it to be beneficial’? only js got it ££ ouch!

think i may have bin sold a pup again (DOH!)

Julien, xx

are you talking about a music system, if not please tell us what NAD is.

or is it a supplement, a co-enzyme.

i’ve been googling as you can see.

carole x

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Sorry for late reply, & thanks for looking , NAD+ cell regenerator" nicotinamide riboside… so yes it’s a supplement,

i was told its a super dooper fix all feel good deal??? But after 56euros, £30 amazon i aint feeling to good

Julien, thankx…

I thought it was no abnormalities detected, sorry

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lol tracey! some things never leave you…thats one of the best results you can get eh?!


I suspect it’s not going to hurt you, but probably won’t help much either. There’s a hint of magic elixir about it. From what I’ve read it’s being tested for potential therapeutic uses. But thus far it’s probably not treated anyone except a few mice. Maybe in 10 years time someone will have found a way to use it that’ll be a wonder drug and will cure everyone of all neurological disorders. Sue

hiya sue

yes i thought of that once i had written it! from a nurse point of view its welcome. from patient when you are looking for answers and reasons then not so good…

ellie x