My wonderful imagination...

I was sitting up in bed reading, around midnight, when I heard a little tune being whistled… right from inside my flat!

I held my breath and listened. It stopped. Maybe it was someone in the street? Got back to my book… but then heard it again.

It wasn’t in the street. It was right from inside my flat. My blood ran cold.

A jolly little tune… just a few bars… and then it stopped.

I got out of bed and crept around my flat, terrified, expecting to find a whistling serial killer hiding in the shadows… waiting for me… possibly a serial killing sailor as it sounded a bit like a sea shanty.

Nothing. Everything was as quiet as the grave.

Got back into bed… maybe it was my tinnitus that had suddenly become musical… I’ve read about that. Maybe it was an audio hallucination? Or a whistling ghost?

Maybe I was going insane?

Then I heard it again and something next to the bed flashed!

It was my new smartphone telling me it was fully charged and to remove the charger.

Bloody hell…

Pat x

Hi Pat, When I was at uni, I lived in a house with 3 friends and one night I was in all by myself. Everyone was definitely out - the girl with her boyfriend and the two guys out really late. I fell asleep and was awakened by really loud rock music inside the house. I got up and went downstairs - no one was there and no music was on any more. I checked around the house - in all the bedrooms, everyone was out! By that time, I was really freaked out and it took me hours to get to sleep. Eventually the guys came home and I felt more secure. I never ever found out where the music had come from but I was in a detached, quite isolated house so no one had any explanation for what went on. Spooky eh? A mystery I will never solve! Teresa xx

Ooooh Teresa… spooky!

Pat x

Haaaaaaaaa, nice one Pat. Ive got a smartphone and my boys have recorded them shouting… DAD ! as my message tone for their txts to me. They dont live with me, but when they text me… all i can here is them shouting DAD ! Ive got my phone on repeat txt notification, so every 30 seconds I can here them shouting DADDDDD ! Its very strange as i find myself shouting … WHAT… & …IM UPSTARIS ! When theres no body else in the house :frowning:

What a lovely idea Dave…didn’t realise it was possible. Nina

What a lovely idea Dave…didn’t realise it was possible. Nina

Loved your story Pat…I was really gripped…then had to stifle my giggles so that I didn’t wake anyone. xx

Loved your story Pat…I was really gripped…then had to stifle my giggles so that I didn’t wake anyone. xx

I’ve had similar experiences Pat. Why can’t there be universal standard of ‘beep beep’ for all these things; life would be so much better!

Nice to hear other people’s stories… Teresa’s is very scary though. What could possibly have caused that?

Anyway I think part of the problem for me is I can no longer tell where a noise is coming from. It’s very weird and not sure if connected to my tinnitus… but quite often I’ll hear a noise that I think is in my flat and then realise it’s outside… very strange.

Oh well… living as I do with old people I do think the world just becomes increasingly surreal as you get older.

Best just to roll with it,

Pat x

Hi Pat I’ve just got back from the neuro with a positive result of MS and was introducing my daughter to the website and forum when we came accross your story. Well you have cheered us both up no end, so thanks we really appreciated your story. Thanks again Min and Jen x

Dont worry about it Ladies: I often see, hear, experience lots of strange stuff. I just put it down to an over active brain. Thats why im proud to have written & illustrated 10 childrens books… its called imagination & something the so called ‘Normal’ people will never have, an over active brain & a full on imagination :slight_smile: