Hearing things wrongly :-)

I am a bit worried about myself. I keep hearing rude words when people speak on the television. My husband just thinks I have a dirty mind and that I need to get it out of the gutter :slight_smile: But seriously, does anyone else get this, or am I what my husband thinks I am…an old perv? :-))))

I get this too and it’s not just hearing rude words either, I also read them…I often have to re-read something as I can’t believe someone would actually write such as thing and it’s usually my error it’s very strange and only quite a recent thing!!!

flooking hall - that must be a blaady awful problem for you blesterds. (- sorry, couldn’t resist.)

I think I have an auto-correct in my head cause I can type something (usually an email) - read it back and it seems normal. Then when I send it or some-one sees it there are glaring errors. Even typing this I will scrutinise it several times. But I can’t say it is necessarily rude stuff.


I once thought my boss said something about bed time knickers. So when i turned around and said yea i have comfy bed time knickers you could imagine the look on his face. I miss hear so many things and it usually ends in an awkward situation! Xx

Lol. I am so glad it isn’t just me then. Very reassuring! Thankyou

Hi Amanda,

I also think you must have a dirty mind …and I salute you for it

My hearing’s OK but my fargin spelling and typing is an absolute load of billhooks !! So …no change there, then


its not just us folks with ms.

my boss, who had to check every letter and report before it went out, once read “the rapists” instead of “therapists”

carole x

Hi, I am deaf in one ear and yes, often mis-hear things. It sometimes causes a titter.

If you are hearing a lot of rude words,is it possible to be a tourettes hearer, as opposed to a tourettes speaker?

BTW I am not being daft or sarky here, just incase we have any tourettes sufferers amongst us.


I have the same problem and my husband is always calling me an old perv.