My whole body aches/hurts, is it a flare up?

Woke up with aching and pain everywhere yesterday morning. Painkillers help but it’s not much fun.

Does it sound like a flare up or something that’s here to stay? Any tips, remedies, suggestions very welcome! I’m going mad!

Sounds more like flu to me. But then what do I know?

Have you had relapses like this before? Is it muscular aches and pains or does it feel more neurological? If traditional painkillers (ibuprofen/paracetamol etc) work, then it probably isn’t neurological and thus not a relapse. Unless you’ve suffered like this before and ascertained that it was a relapse?

That’s pretty much all I can offer in terms of an answer. You have to remember that everyone might share certain symptoms, but our whole MS journey is as individual as we are.


Thanks Sue!

I haven’t had relapses like this before but I don’t think it’s flu. Painkillers don’t really make any difference. I’ll ask my GP I guess. Thanks again for your reply!

Have a think about what really hurts and try to write down what it feels like. That way you won’t be going in to your GP appointment all unawares as to what it actually feels like.

If it is a relapse, think about whether you want high dose steroids (make sure your GP surgery does a urine test for infection before you take any steroids - taking them with a UTI is unwise, it’d make the infection much worse). If you do, and are confident yourself that what is wrong has a neurological origin, then your GP should be able to prescribe a 5 day course of 500mg Soluprednisolone per day. Have a look at Steroids (methylprednisolone) | MS Trust

If it is neuropathic, then traditional painkillers won’t work, but you need to figure out for yourself what you think is causing it. Unfortunately, you’ve just hit a bank holiday weekend, so have to wait to Tuesday to see a GP. (I assume you are England or Wales and this is then a bank holiday, otherwise it’s Monday). The problem for a GP is whether something is neurological or otherwise. And that’s why you need to get sorted what you think is causing the problem. An infection or virus of whatever kind would be made worse by steroids.


We are, of course all different but every morning I wake up and feel as though I have flu. I have always linked this to my MS. I have recently been diagnosed with RRMS. However, because I am new to this, I am concentrating on everything else and then I will deal with my daily flu like symptoms. They are worse following my DMTs injection of plegridy. I do hope that you find relief, I always pop too many codeine, I hope that you find something longer lasting. Do let me know. Best wishes Ali