advice please

Hi all, i have had a really sore neck on the right side , its been sore to the touch couldnt even brush my hair there ,i had it for a few days then i woke on saturday and my right side is numb to the touch, my right hand wont co-ordinate at all and i cant grip with it. I had a relapse and steroid treatment 1m onth ago, i have not been to gp as i dont want more steroids, does this sound like a relapse and if so do you think it wise to just sit it out and hope the feeling returns. THANKS

Well, don`t want to be a scaremonger, but sometimes a sore neck can be part of the dx for meningitis.

Ok, ok,sorry if I have alarmed you with this… but i do think you should see your GP.

luv Pollx

It does sound like a relapse, but new symptoms are best checked out at least by a GP in case they are something other than MS - it might be MS, but it might not.

You don’t have to have steroids btw. When they work (and they don’t always), all they do is speed up the time to remission; they don’t change the outcome. (I’m biased though - I hate steroids!)

Why not give your MS nurse a call?

Karen x

It does sound rather like a relapse. The intensely-sensitive-to-touch stuff sounds very ms-y to me, and so does the rest. I agree with the advice to contact your GP to make sure that it isn’t something different, and your MS nurse. No one is going to give you steroids if ou don’t want them - in fact, they might be reluctant to prescribe them unless your symptoms are interfering seriously with your day-to-day activities, so don’t worry about that. But it is important that they have a complele clinical picture of how your MS is behaving as this might affect their views on the best way to treat it overall.

I hope it all passes soon for you.



Thank you all for the advice i will contact my ms nurse tommorow x