My supermarket delivery is wrong... but I'm staying calm (NOT)

Several things missing including the TURKEY CROWN!!!

Apparently they are going to bring it between 7pm and 8pm tonight.

I’m staying calm. I’m staying calm. I’m staying calm. I’ll eat another mince pie…

Pat x

Oh Pat,

I was in enough of a tiz the other week, when they didn’t bring the loo roll - and a number of other things. And it wasn’t even Christmas!

I’ve been up to M&S this morning, and, whilst I wouldn’t exactly recommend the experience, for anyone with MS (well, for anyone still breathing, really), they did have loads of meat still up there - some of it discounted. I reckon they will have tomorrow, too.

I’m sure your joint will come this evening, but just in case it didn’t, there is meat to be had - I’m sure you won’t be having spuds and sprouts, and nothing else.




Hope it turns up Pat!!Maria

TE HE thanks… glad to hear there is meat out there. If it doesn’t show up tonight I might have to venture our on mob-scooter tomorrow… Christmas Eve… very busy shopping centre in London… mobility scooter… me in search of the elusive turkey… are you getting the picture???

Pat x

Hi Pat, that is so annoying and I really feel for you. Hopefully it will turn up later on. Cheryl:)

Hi Pat,

This happened to me last xmas, they brought it for me the day after though, and then this year i had sent a very small gammon joint,and i had placed theorder for a very large one,i rang up and they refunded me for it, but it was too small, so Andy rushed out and bought a big one.

Merry xmas anyway.

jaki xx

THEY CAME!!! True to their word they came at 7.40 with ALL my missing items including my turkey crown… and a free packet of muffins!

Now they’ve put it right I’ll tell you it was Sainsbury’s.

HO HO HO Christmas has started…

Pat xxx

Great news, really pleased for you. Enjoy these muffins! Cheryl:)

Glad it’s sorted, Pat!

Sighs of relief all round, eh?

Incidentally, Ocado didn’t do free muffins - or free anything - for messing up a delivery. So Sainsbury’s come out slightly better in the “fixing things” league.

Probably still better if you got all the right stuff in the first place, though.



Mums vacuum cleaner packed up on Thursday - so l googled [amazon] in the evening. Read all the reviews - and chose one. lt arrived and 8.30am the next day. How do they do it. l thought mum would be thrilled. But she could not understand why we did not get a ‘man’ round to repair it. She has had this hoover 20yrs. l tried explaining that the cost of a replacement was less then it would cost to repair - if they could - the old. l cut and set her hair for her to-day- changed her bed - vacuumed [with new cleaner] - re-tuned her TV - [Again she said she needed the tv man to come] and them wormed her cat!!! Like you do.

Seasons Greetings