My new exercise routine... called The Knickers Stretch

Ok guys this is the new routine… I’ve got a whole bunch of Sloggi knickers and you ladies know how they last like FOREVER… and I’ve got SO fat that they are now very tight on me…

So, you take a pair of knickers (prior to putting them on), hold each side through leg holes and top so they are like a figure 8 (this is harder to explain than I thought!) and then stretch them out… first with right arm, 6 times, then with left arm, 6 times…

And one, two, three, four, five, six, do the knickers stretch…

You get some good arm exercise and knickers that fit. Highly recommended when you are too fat for your knickers and the beauty of it is you are forced to do it everyday…

Pat x

Hi Pat I’ve just recently got an exercise bike to try to maintain some fitness but I must say your routine sounds like much more fun! Lol. Teresa xx


I bought the next size up with added lyrca, I think I prefer your routine PatThe holiday has caused many problems damn it, no strokes today!! Tomorrow is another day, take care M

Hi Pat

Oh, please dont start me on knickers!!! Trying to get the things on…well, where do I start.

You have to picture the scene…I am sat down, trying to pick my feet up off the floor is like

trying to paint the forth bridge. So, I bend forward (are you still with me) hook a leg round me

foot, hang on for grim death and try to hook the second leg on!!! hehe

When that’s done it’s time for a coffee to recuperate. Perhaps I should go commando, and save

all the energy. I know I am lucky and my hubby will put them on for me, but OMG I want to keep

some independence.

The days of putting them on and off quick are long gone!!! Sorry, too much information.

Have a good day.


hahahaha sorry Pam not really funny but you do describe it so well !!!

During the hot weather (remember that? Some time ago now but we did have about a week of summer) I bought two kaftans online (site called kaftansdirect). SOOOOO easy! Just slip it over your head and you are dressed. No need to wear knickers!!! Soooo cool ! You are basically in your birthday suit but completely covered with yards of cotton. No wonder they wear them in hot countries…

I highly recommend them. But seriously Pam, sorry to hear it’s such an effort to do something so simple. I think commando is a great idea… except, and this is the downside of the kaftan, if you ‘leak’ there is nothing to obsorb it…

Pat x

Take it easy darlin’, remember tomorrow is another day.

Holidays are very hard work when you are in the MS gang… my sister lives in Italy and is always trying to get me to go (“only a short flight and you’ll be here”!)… well yes, but there’s the buying the ticket, the packing, the arranging a taxi to get to the airport, the stress that the taxi won’t come, the arranging a wheelchair at the airport, the getting through the airport, the getting on the plane… ok guys who’s still awake? I need a wee nap now to get over the very idea of it…

I did think of buying next size up but I’m too tight-fisted.

Pat x

Not only ‘tight-fisted’ but tight knickered! I like the kaftan idea, you are so right about the stress of going ANYwhere… I like the idea of Italy BUT I am cured of holidays for a while/ever?

It’s this hellish weather that makes you think holidays, take care everyone

All this knicker stretching was too much for you, rest and I’ll hope for a better day for you, M

Know what you mean M, I feel like I’m ‘cured’ of holidays too. It’s too much trouble and bother methinks… Teresa xx

Hi, that`s funny, but so true Pat.

Ive just bought some sloggi lookalikes. They are called Whisper`. very stretchy and sensible!

They cost £7.99 for 4 pairs. Cheaper than sloggi, eh?

luv Pollx