Big Girl Pants!

Hi Guys hope your well, weather here in Essex has done nothing but rain all weekend. If you want a laugh look at my recent blog post on Big Girl Pants! a follow on from the Suprapubic catheter.


Tried to get on but it says the page is no longer there?


Sorry I tried too but can’t get on. Hope you’re okay.

Cath x

Hi Ladies do try again, I have checked it it does work, let me know what you think?

Amazon lady

Thanks, it worked that time. Great blog. I look at the lovely pretty lacy knickers I used to wear with a sigh. The lumps, bumps and cellulite I’ve amassed over the last few years has them relegated to the drawer under my bed where I’ve kept some of the things I’m determined I’ll get into again (we all have dreams).

Sadly for now it’s the big girl pants for me too for now. I feel much more comfortable stripping down to those for all the medical examinations I seem to attend since I became ill and fat than I would in a pretty little scrap that covers very little. Some people look better in clothes, and I most definitely fall into that category!

Cath x

Another great blog…keep posting them!

Cath, I threw out my pretty knickers along with my high heel shoes…couldn’t stand being reminded!

take care girls!

Nina x

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