My mom and MS and needs information about her torn ligament

Hi everyone -

Im new to this and joined on behalf of my mother who refuses to learn how to work a computer. Im 24 and my mother is 62 - she was diagnosed with MS 17 years ago and is now completely immobile. She tries (struggles and forced) to walk up and down the hallway (at home) nearly every day to keep her joingts moving SOME bit (about 25 steps MAX). This is to keep herself from seizing up completly as she tries to get in and out of chair daily. Yesterday she fell getting off the toilet into her chair and following an x-ray has torn ligaments in her right knee. This is very painful for her and its so hard to see her like this - today she also asked me to “write up her death notice” in the newspaper which i could not get my head around.

She really wants to know (if anyone has any experience they know about) how long it will take to heal - the doctors said 6 months - but im scared if it is 6 months without walking (or taking ANY steps) then she will have completly seized up with no comeback…

Please help - Thank you all so much for reading,

All responses appreciated,


Hi Patsy, I am sorry to see that you`ve had no replies to your post.

I cant give you the info you need re how long it will take for your mums knee to heal.

Have you not had any input from the physio/rehab team? I am surprised your mum hasnt had a call or visit from them.

She will need some physio to help her mend…yes, she may be less mobile afterwards, but give physio a call on her behalf, eh?

Perhaps an assessment from an OT would also help. I`ve had tremendous help from both sectors.

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