my life is anything but routine

I have been awaiting a neuro appointment and i rang them up again today to be told that i would be offered a routine appointment which could be as long as a 12 week wait. !!

My life is far away from being routine at the moment. This is my fourth week off at work. Limbo!! for another possible 12 weeks, and whos to say that it ends there!!



Moan over!!

Moan away Yvette! The waiting is awful, especially when you are laid up. I was lucky in that my diagnosis was super speedy but then had a 9 week wait to go to the ms clinic which was tortuous! I’ve been now and don’t think I know much more than I did before so I think it’s starting to sink in that people’s experiences are so individual that no one can tell you what to expect. So I think I’ll be in a period of waiting for the foreseeable future. Now I’m waiting for my drugs to be delivered, then I’ll be waiting for my next appointment with consultant in 6 months, then no doubt I’ll be waiting for something else. Sorry for hijacking your moan!!

frustrated with my wait i telephoned another hospital and i can can get a private consultation with a neuro tomorrow. I dont know if i should do it, or what wpould the benefits be as i would have to be transfered to NHS following the initial consultation…any ideas?? i think i might put it to the forum…


Just read your other thread - there’s a few people who’ve done that aren’t there? I think I would probably. Let us know what you decide!