My Jackanory......

I am new here too. To give a comparison of symptoms (for what little that is worth) but to re-assure you are very much not alone…

At the start of July i awoke to a dead hand feeling. Soon after my foot. A day later my mid section from belly to back. All on the right hand side.

The tingle spread up to the knee and the elbow and eventually covered my whole right side up to my chest within a month. Then the left side started, but only in the hand and up to my knee.

The tingle feels a bit like a burn some days. A cramp on others. Very stiff or tightly bound sometimes, or fingers are being yanked out of sockets. The one consistent factor is, i remain sensitive to temperature and light touch, heavier touch is dull and the skin feels as though it is covered in velvet.

I went to the emergency room within week one. I had the usual stroke examination and blood work done. Both clear. Week two i had a CT scan which was unexceptional. Week three i went to emergency again. A (what i suspect was a) trainee doc said i had carpal tunnel syndrome. I asked to see his manager (or words to that effect). I got a referral to a neurologist who specialises in MS.

By week 5 i had seen the neuro. I ran the regular MS tests and reported only a slight lack of vibration sensitivity in the right foot. i mentioned that exactly one year before, i had a two week period of burning right foot (up to the knee). I was sent for MRI - cervical, thoracic and cranium.

10 days later, i find i have a lesion on the C4-C5 vertebrae and my brain (primarily the paraventricular bits i think they’re called) are peppered in spots, one 11mm long another 8mm mostly a couple. The neuroradiologist was adamant that i have MS, which is perhaps a little premature as he knows nothing of me, my history or my symptoms.

And so here i wait.

In the meantime, my symptoms have subsided apart from three left fingers and my right hand! Thus far, my only therapy comes from sucking a B12 tablet each morning and the ‘power of positive thought’! I am hoping people in here may help contribute to this and that i in turn might do the same.

Cheers, good luck and even better health!


Hi Paolo

Funny, thes junior doctors are so adamant… I pitched up at my local eye hospital when I lost half of my eyesight in June - my optician had reffered me. This junior doc was so dismissive of her referral, since my eyes were in perfect health. I had to push him to refer me to the neuo-opthalmologist I had seen 3 years ago for double vision - the junior doc wasn’t the slightest bit interested in my history. I’m now with an MS specialist neurologist, thank goodness.

Anyway, I’m glad your symptoms are more quiet for you now - that must be a relief!

Take care -