My Hospital Nightmare

Earlier this year I was admitted to hospital after suffering a relapse, I had been confined to bed at home, in considerable pain of a level not experienced before. In hospital they stabilised me with pain killers and managed to get me home after a week. Sadly I ended up back in hospital within 10 days and thats when my nightmare began, I was left in no doubt that they were not pleased with the fact I had come back to hospital again (it’s bad for the ratings I was told by a nurse).

After a week they finally gave me a CT Scan as I rejected the MRI scan because i am claustrophobic, they had promised to give me heavy sedation for the MRI scan which turned out to be half a diazepam which had no effect at all. The CT scan showed disc degeneration in my lower back which was probably the cause of the pain and the weakness I was experiencing.

I was earlier told by one senior consultant that the weakenss in my legs was imagined. Another senior consultant also questioned my level of weakness and told me to get out of bed saying I won’t get better lying there, and also if I was looking to blame someone for my medical problems I should blame my parents as they had passed MS onto me. On finding the disc problem they seemed very keen to get me to have surgery (I assume that’s good for the ratings) although any surgery would be carried out at another Hospital.

My treatment was shambolic, they tested my blood sugar as I am also diabetic sometimes after meals and told me I was not managing my diabetes properly, They also under dosed my baclofen because I am on an odd doseage (1 tablet 5 times a day) as they only do 4 drug rounds per day. Someone then reduced the doseage to 4 on my prescription whilst in hospital. It was no wonder I was finding it hard to get out of bed let alone walk.

A Neuro Physio had earlier examined me and agreed with me that there was something wrong and even suggested before the CT Scan that it was probably a disc problem. Maybe these 2 consultants felt they had been undermined by this Physio. I was allowed home after 2 weeks and even though my condition is considerably worse than it was. I was glad to get out of hospital.

I was due to have disc surgery at in October but it was cancelled the day before surgery was due as they said my blood sugar level was outside the range required for surgery. So I am in limbo as regards surgery although I have an appointment to see the surgeon in the new year. Fortunatly my condition has improved slightly and I can at least do some light housework and a small shop once or twice a week.

The whole experience has left me feeling depressed and I have had a course of councilling which has helped a little. It does not auger well for the future as one of the consultants will be the one ATOS contact for any medical information they might require.

Hi, did you mean to post this in the Primary progressive section? It sounds like you have RRMS?

Thought I should let you know

Sonia x

Sorry my mistake - does anyone know how to move it to another section…

Hi Nullgrad, scroll to the top of this page.

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Good luck hon,

Pat x

Thanks for that Snow Leopard - I will post on another board - I actually don’t know what type of MS I have - the relapse I mentioned turned out to be disc related and I usually describe my MS status as “Going Down Slowly” .

Is there a way of deleting this thread on here ?


Hi Nullgrad. You haven’t upset anyone by posting here, you don’t have to worry about deleting it. The only reason they have referred you to another part of the forum is because you’ll probably get more appropriate answers by speaking to people who have the same type as you. If though as you mention, you have a “going down slowly” type this may well be where you should stay. Your description of a relapse probably just made members think you’d be better in another group.

Please don’t think you aren’t welcome here as everyone who has a progressive form of ms is. They are a lovely bunch of people who are very friendly and supportive. Take care.

Cath xx

Hi again Nullgrad… Just want to ‘second’ Cath’s post. You’re very welcome here… and if you don’t have relapses and remissions you might belong on here anyway.

Pat x

Hi Nullgrad, Just want to say I agree with all that Cath and Pat have said to you…absolutely no need to worry about deleting your post. If you’re unsure as to the type of MS you have then maybe you’ll feel more at home here with us on PP. Best wishes, Nina x

Yep, I only referred you to the other threads so you were likely to be heard by people with similar situations, I wasn’t telling you to shoo! :wink:

Hope you post has got some good responses now :slight_smile:

Sonia x