my gp says no ms after clear brain mri

hi all

a great forum just joined as i need a bit of advice

for about 2 months now i have been having various funny symptoms like cold hands and feet

very mild pins and needles that seem to move around from the back of my legs in my hands as well also

slight hot spots in the back of my head and shoulders that comes and goes within minutes

have been to my gp who checked all my reflexes and found them all fine

but he also referred me for a brain mri which came back clear as a matter of fact he commented that it was very good for a person my age 59 years old

i have no eye issues and my legs and hands seem fine strength wise no balance issues etc

i was diagnosed pre diabetic about 10 years ago but this is under good control

i guess my question is do my symptoms sound like ms

anybody have an opinion please

thanks jimsy

Hi Jimsy

Its rather unusual for a GP to either diagnose or rule out MS. In fact it’s rare for a GP to request an MRI. The usual route is that you see a GP, explain your symptoms and then are referred to a neurologist. The neurologist would then order tests, probably starting with an MRI but also including a lumbar puncture and a visual evoked potential (LP and VEP).

Then the neurologist would review the tests together with your symptoms and history and either make a diagnosis or fail to come to a conclusion and either adopt a wait and see attitude, or order further tests.

Maybe you should go back to your GP and ask for a referral. The problem for us reading your post is that it could be MS or it maybe isn’t. Only a neurologist is really capable of making that decision.



many thanks for your opinion/reply sue i will take your advice and go back to gp again

he thinks my symptoms are not ms related it was me that suggested the mri of brain for peace of mind

i know lesions can be on the spine only as well

hi all

i posted here back in june when i was experiencing funny symptoms

since then having taken sues advice re returning to my gp and requesting follow up with a neuro

i have since had a referral with further tests and mri scans

i am delighted to report she has cleared me her words def no ms

i do however have disc problems cervical /lumbar/thoracic which see is adamant is the cause of my funny sensations

thanks to sue who advised on my original post

have a nice and peaceful xmas everybody

regards jimsy


Hi Jimsy, that`s good news that you dont have MS.

Hopefully they will soon find out what is going wrong and a fix is possible.

Merry Christmas.

luv Pollx

Nice on Jimsy

Have a happy and healthy new year.

Great stuff from Sssue too - looking forward to more pearls of wisdom in 2017


thank you for your replies everybody i will just have to soldier on and maybe the new year will bring a fix

i must say i admire you all on here on the forum you are great people and the sense of humour from some i do find hilarious at times

again a merry and peaceful xmas

I’m so glad you got the all clear on the MS front. Hopefully your odd sensations will be sorted at some point too.

Have a happy Christmas Jimsy.


Hi everyone or anyone. I think im loosing my mind lol. Several years 8, of strange symptoms including feeling like my trunk is being crushed, right hand looking like a claw for several days, pain behind the eye around 4 years ago, terrible dizzy spells which affect my speech, leaking bladder and for the last 5 months struggling to walk unaided up and down stairs. most mornings cant put my bra on because left arm does not want to bend. I have seen the Gp in October 16 and appointment for neuro is in April 2017. Gp thinks im potty. I am actually an experienced psychiatric nurse who has been hiding symptoms from employer until today. Can anyone suggest anything.

Hi Sue,

what problems you have which I’m afraid I,have no,answer

i do,suggest you start your own thread as this one was originally for Jimsy. If you start your own thread you should get more replies.

good luck

min x

hi. as you can see im not good with technology lol. but i will give it a go thanks