My go won't listen and I'm frightened I won't be heard!!

Hi , I really hope nobody feels offended by me posting on this site, my names Maria and iv been quite poorly for the past 3- 4 months, It started after my last baby was born, I had an episode where my eyes were all sepia and I could see white lights walking around the house, I felt quite odd and laid down , that evening I had a sudden attack of pins and needles in my hand, but it was more intense than the pins and needles you get from say a dead leg, ever since that day I suffered with 6 weeks of bit been able to walk, as every step I took I felt although I was falling or everything was off balance, I also had been suffering sharp pains through my head, I saw my gp and mentioned my symtoms who recommended eye test and see how things go, u went along and the opticians said everything was ok however the headaches and off balance sounded abit alarming and a referral to neurologist would be a good idea, but didn’t put this in a letter to doctor, I then started to suffer with feeling really hot whic I still do now and it almost felt like how some one would feel with menopause, I’m only 25, iv had nausea spontaneously on and off for the past few weeks, but more alarmingly twice this last month iv had two days where I woke up And my legs were inceredibly stiff heavy and painful to the point where I was in tears As I was struggling to look after my 5 children, iv had a pain down my spine for the past 3 months which my doctor had originally said was sciatica , over the past year my health has been a mystery as iv been in hospital with tight chest and tachycardia , pulse at 140 continuously and this keeps returning , I’m under psychiatric treatment for anxiety and depression which reached its worst about 2 years ago, I have continuous constipation and have been on different medications for it since I was 20, I usually can go to the toilet more than twice a week and when I do I bleed immensely from my bum. I started with a twitch a month ago in my cheek which keeps returning for a few days at a time, this has got me so down I broke down when I saw my psych doc last who had also said she thinks I need a mot and seeing a neurologist would be good to rule out tuma, ms and other problems , however having read some of the ms symptoms I’m rather concerned that it could be possible that this could be happening to me, I referred all my info back to my doctor where I expressed my concerns and she’s organised a CT scan, she’s done full bloods, all clear, no vitamin prob, no infections she’s done full routine bloods twice. Iv Told her that i would like ms to be ruled out but she said ms wouldn’t display itself in this way? It’s more one symptom over so many years. So she will refer to a rumotologist? She’s seing me again Monday as a few days ago I woke up and couldn’t move my legs and my foot was burning, tingling. Hard to explain, I was in tears and scared! We had phone consultation and will see me Monday and look at rever to rumotologist and Pioss diagnosis of fibro myalgia , can I demand a MRI? Or am I too worried for nothing ? Many thanks in advance

" It’s more one symptom over so many years" WRONG!! your GP is not a neuro, so shouldn’t be saying your symptoms are not something she is not qualified to diagnose. if she will not refer you, ask for a different GP. Something does seem wrong and you need to be seen by a neuro to rule out what might be wrong and possibly find out the problem. You will have to probably be very vocal about wanting to rule out MS. Phone the surgery and ask to talk to whoever is in charge of patient referrals if your GP will not refer you and explain why you want the referral. Do not let the fob you off, you are not worried for nothing, you know your body better then they do

Yes I do feep asthough I need to scream and shout, its very tiring and dis heartening going back week by week and getting no where, but something needs doing, iv woke up 2 pounds lighter again today, 1stne 6 lb last weekend and now 10st2lb a week later, and thats after a week off binge eating with bad mood, weight loss like this is really unusual fpr me, i feel awfully nauseas and everytimr i look at tele or The tablet, rphone etc it hurts my eyes and makes me feel so sick! Thanku for your reply, I hope this gets sorted soon so I can get back to bein a active mummy

Hello. You could think about ringing your psycholigist and asking him to write to your gp regarding his thoughts about Neuro referral. You can also speak to the practice manager at the surgery about how you feel, regarding your gp not listening to your concerns. X

Yeah I’m gonna have to do something! I feel extremely nausea today, to the point where I feel I’m pregnant with like 4 babies! Worse when I look around or move? Is this. Common symptom with ms? I’m really quite worried? X

Hubby just told me that your psychologist might be actually able to refer you, so ask them maybe if they can? If they believe your symptoms and problems with your GP are effecting your mental health they might be able to refer you to the neuro.