My first symptoms….

So I’ve been having symptoms for about 7 months now. I’ve not been officially diagnosed but my GP said randomly in a conversation like it was nothing and said it could be MS. It started when over a few days, the environment around me because very surreal and I couldn’t concentrate at all. When things were moving fast or if too much was happening it would make me feel weird and I couldn’t concentrate on anything. I felt extremely sick and couldn’t get up wuick, sleep, do anything g infact abs I was told it was labryntitus. This slowly got better but I then had this woozy, fuzzy feeing in my head that was constantly there for 3 months non stop. It finally got better and went away completely an then a month later it all came back. The surreal environment but only lasted a few days. The woozy feeing, that lasted there for a month. It went away again but it’s now back. And I’m constantly having weird vision problems where sometimes it’s blurry but not too much. I’m contantly woozy in the head and feel like I’m floating. I’m never tired, I always gym, i have no limb pain, I have no fatigue, my ears sometimes go weird as in him have Robinho g in one and the other sometimes looses a great deal of its hearing but only lasts a few seconds. I have been referred to ENT that was 5 weeks ago. It’s now getting to the point where I am needing to talk to people about it because I can’t wait any longer! It’s so annoying to keep going on like this not knowing what’s wrong with me it’s been almost 7 months and I do t know if it’s ma, mineres disease, brain tumour but this is what happens as I keep on looking up signs and symptoms ( I know I shouldn’t) but yeah I’m just worried it’s not been treated wuick enough whatever it is and it’ll worsen. Any advice.

Hi Whitters,

MS has so many different symptoms. Your woozy symptom doesn’t sound like MS. Wait until you’ve seen ENT. If it’s not that then maybe you’ll be referred to a neurologist. Hope you get some answers soon.


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I’m thinking this is more of a weird sinus infection than MS. Definitely see the ENT, but if he can’t help, then keep going. One thing that I’ve learned over the years is that you have to keep fighting for a diagnosis, whatever it might be, when you know that something is wrong. Don’t let the doctors ignore you.

And stay away from Dr. Google. He’s not helping you at this point.

Perhaps! Though I get some dull headaches now and when it’s at its worse when I drink alcohol after one drink it’s like I’ve had 5. Not good. I will keep hassarsing them though. I’ve moved gps once already for second opinions and found my self where I was with the previous gp.

Yeah o keep pressing to chase the referral up. I had an mri back in February and nothing was wrong apparently!

It doesn’t sound like ms mate… any weird tingling anywhere?

Only in my upper back and had that since I was younger around 19/20. Main symptom is my vision is sometimes disturbed or blurry and that makes me feel woozy and like just a dull pressure I’d say in my head and I feel like I’m floating sometimes but it’s constant for weeks and then it gets better then it comes back for maybe more weeks

Hi Whitters,
I have been experiencing the exact same symptoms.Did you get any clarity?