My feet are burning!

Yes - major 'I'm feeling sorry for myself' alert.

Why do the soles of my feet just have to feel like they are burning?  

I know it's the MS, but MAKE IT STOP!  Usually it's just the right side of my right foot that has problems.  Today, it's the soles of both of my feet.  Which means I the feeling along the side of my right foot is pretty well masked by the burning sensation - which is good, eh?  NO!

It feels like it did when I worked at Pontins over Christmas.  After a couple of shifts boy, do your feet burn?!?  Fun, though.  When you have a rest your feet recover, but not this burning   letdown

I will have to cuddle a cat or kitten for sympathy.  The elderly lady cat is being a bit grumpy so I'll have to be careful if I don't want to get growled at   nervous

The kitten still does the playful bite sometimes, so I'll have to be carefull with him too  nervous

He's out catching mice and she's at the top of the stairs.  Elderly lady cat it is then  cat

Thanks for being there folks, I feel so much better already   thumbsup

Ah, sorry I only saw this after I PMed you!

I envy you your cats.  I used to have two, like you.  Didn't deliberately get rid of them or anything - just no longer with us.

Still miss them sometimes, but haven't replaced them, as dunno if I can still cope with being woken in the middle of the night and treading bare-footed in catsick, or finding a geriatric cat has "let it all go" on the bed - with me still in it!  Talk about rude awakening!

I dunno what to suggest about the feet.  I sometimes use cream with capsaicin (the "hot" chemical of peppers) in, to try to disguise foot pain.  But my pain is usually not the burning kind - more of a cold, crampy ache.  I don't know if you can disguise burning with other burning.

Sometimes you can trick the brain, by hiding like with like.  I saw a wonderful tip - think it was on the MS Trust website, or somewhere like that - that if you get that annoying "constricted" feeling in a hand or foot, put a snug glove or sock on it!  If your brain thinks the extremity ought to feel constricted, because there's a close-fitting garment on it, it will interpret the signals as normal, and not annoying.  It's only annoying when there's nothing there to explain it.  Haha!  Wonderful bit of double bluffing.  When your brain sends you signals you know are bogus, give it something that makes 'em valid.

Still dunno if it works with burning.  Not suggesting you should really burn your feet.  But hot flannel or something might trick your brain into thinking the burning sensation is correct - and therefore more acceptable. 


Hi Ellen

I get hot burning feet sometimes. There's a few different things I do to help - either sit in a chair and swing my legs over the edge of the bath and then shower them with cold water, or I hold an ice pack against them for a minute or two. Both of those make my legs spasm at first with the cold, but they soon calm down when they get used to it.

I also recently started using after sun lotion and Deep Freeze (made by the same people who make Deep Heat). They're not as good as the cold shower or ice packs, but they can take the edge off a bit.

Hope you get some relief soon.


Hi Ellen

I use a hot water bottle because warmth works for me. Cold makes my feet worse as spasticity is triggered by the cold.

Trial and error I'm afraid. Ask for an appointment with the Pain Clinic.



I had this, even the covers in bed hurt.  I found keeping feet elevated made it bit more bearable.  And stout shoes helped to keep everything held in.

I used to be able to hang my right foot over the edge of the bed, poking out from the quilt.  The new kitten takes it as an invitation to play.  With his paws and teeth.  Very gently, but it's still not nice!  It does take my mind off why I'm cooling my foot off in the first place.  


Haha, that takes me back years!

When I had a kitten, she used to think a bare toe was something to nip, as well! She also used to have a thing for socks and tights, so if I hung clean ones on the radiator to dry, I would find them all stolen, and tangled under the settee, with claw-holes and cat-drool on them!