my emergency hospital stay.experience.

Hi everyone,I had to be rushed into hospital week before last due to inflamation of my gallbladder.I am almost 70 and never been in hospital other than maternity years ago. As I had been sick just before the paramedics arrived I needed to change my pyjamas.The top was changed and was about to put bottoms on when the paramedic told me to leave them off to make things easier at the hospital.Silly mistake for anyone who is disabled.I was on the bed in a&e from 6.30 pm until 3 am and my heels were so sore and also my right bum cheek felt as though someone had rubbed sandpaper on it . I felt uncompfortable to say the least and felt helpless laying there unable to move for hours.I realize how busy these departments are.When I was transfered to a bed at the back of a&e I was rolled over with the bed rails down and a nurse standing there and was told to keep my hands on my tummy,as soon as they tilted me I grabbed the nurses arm fearing I would end up on the floor,she shouted, no,don’t hold on to me,luckily a male nurse saw my fear and put the bed sides up and stood there with his arm out for me to hold on to.I was then transfered to a hospital bed.I was given a bed pan as needed to try again as failed in a&e. It was miles too bulki so I still could pass water.I asked for a commode and helped on to it and the problem was solved.10.30 pm the following day I was sent to a ward and given an air mattress and the nurses checked my pressure points and creamed my heels and buttocks. I tried all ways to turn on my side but was stuck on my back but finally managed to get some much needed sleep.Another pain was the none slip socks they insisted I wore when getting out of my bed to use the commode.My right foot has to slide on the floor to enable me to turn to the right position to sit on a toilet/commode/chair. I felt the socks made me more likely to stumble and fall.Needless to say I was relieved to sit in a chair after a couple of days and then return home.I was told that an operation was unlikely in the future due to me having MS and other medical conditions,risky the doctors said.I have liquid morphine to take if pain returns and I am in a lot of pain.Hopefully with my very low fat diet I will be o.k. but I have see the doctors in September.Has anyone else found emergency admission to hospital trumatic ?

Hello hun. Oh I am so sorry to read of the indignity and uncomfortable conditions you were left in for so long.

I do identify with much of what you say. I also suffer with pressure pain and nerve pain, so lying on my back for too long would also cause problems.

On 3 occassions, ive gone for tests etc and explained I need a hoist and a commode. I was asssured they would be available and they werent. No-one would admit to speaking to me about those things.

On the day ward (for LP) I had to beg for a hoist. They said as a day ward they dont use such things. SO, I am the first person who`s ever needed them then? I doubt it.

I hope you dont have to suffer such horrible times again.


You poor thing, it sounds like you really went through the wringer :frowning:

I hope your diet helps are you don’t need surgery, hospitals scare me senseless and I’ve only had to stay overnight once, it was a long time ago - regardless, they still scare me silly so I truly hope you’re doing ok now and don’t have to go back in there, traumatic is something we can all do without!

Sonia x