My brother's sixtieth


I’m now enjoying a spell of cool. Last Monday was my brother’s sixtieth birthday. He’s had a couple of strokes and has been diagnosed with vascular dementia. It’s not too bad but it is a cloud on the horizon.

Here’s my account in pictures and captions. I’ve skipped the pages of writing for this one. Two days in pictures. – mcchrystaleyes

Best wishes, Steve

Interesting…I can now put a face to your name.

pity the poor fellow in the road, bent up. what a state to get in indeed!


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You always make me homesick with your posts Steve :slight_smile: We are going up to Liverpool at the beginning of August, can’t wait. From a fellow scouser, Marjie x

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I’m not from Liverpool, but I spent some of my most brilliant years studying there. Such a lovely place. People are real & so warm. I love seeing all my haunts through a local lad’s eyes. I really enjoy your journeys Steve, nice to put a face to you, Marjie, I know you’ll have a ball!!! Tracey xx

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Wonderful picture blog Steve, well done as always!

Nina x