Northern lights


I love Wallasey and the Wirral but I’m not sure if my liver does. The men of the match last week were the two barmen who strained to get me up the steps into the pub. It’s just so nice to be with people who don’t see the wheelchair although the two shop assistants at Euston were as kind and considerate as anyone can be. Thanks to this and my wheelchair, I’ve developed the confidence to travel freely and independently.

Here’s my account if you wish to read it:

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Now I’m dreaming of aeroplanes.

Best wishes.

Steve you always make me homesick lol. I took my other half up there a few weeks back as he hadn’t visited Liverpool before and now he wants to move up there! The power of the scousers lol. I have lived “down South” for going on thirty five years now but Liverpool will always be my home.

Stay happy,

Marjie xx

I enjoyed reading your blog Steve. It must have been lovely to see all of your friends and your Dad again there’s always something magical about family get togethers. I’m pleased that you managed to get into the pub I always find that the kindness of others often makes up for the inaccessibility of a place. I always worry that I might be too heavy but it was great that they managed to get you up the steps. Michelle and Frazer xx