Muscles burning

Just wondering if anyone else has had this, my shoulders are burning intermitently, when I’m not doing anything energetic either, just turning pages of a file. They really hurt and I’m curious if it’s nerve pain?

I’ve had it before so I’m wandering , as it seems like MS was lurking around for quite a long time! It’s to be expected if you were doing something repeatedly, I don’t think I’m quite that tense!

Sonia x

Hi Sonia,

I get burning shoulders sometimes (shoulder blades) if I stand at the sink too long, arms outstretched, doing the washing up. Particularly the case if I’ve also just cooked - sometimes all gets a bit too much.

I’ve never really thought of it as nerve pain, but more a kind of fatigue. Because, at first, the shoulders just feel tired. Then, if I ignore it, they proceed to hurt and burn.

I’m wondering if turning the pages of a file could be similar - arms outstretched in front of you, not leaning on anything, so the full weight of the arm is being exerted at the shoulder muscle.



Hi I got that at last big relapse in November and it never left I think fatigue, esp if I hold my daughter my neck muscles burn and shoulders arms hurt it so annoying knowing if I’m getting on with thing I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus Pregabilin , baclofen and cocodemal help a little Em x