Random burning pain

Aaaagh! Please can anyone offer some advice on dealing with patches of awful burning nerve pain? Since last week I have been suffering with this and whilst some areas, like my left shoulder and arm are constant, there are patches that come and go on my face,back and legs,lasting anything from a few minutes to four or five hours. They are so uncomfortable that the slightest touch, or even a breeze, brings me near to tears.

Wearing clothes is particularly uncomfortable,so have been opting for tighter fitting clothing,as the discomfort from them is less than the pain and nausea that easier moving fabric causes.

My GP has suggested Co-cocodamol. I am loathed to have them as I seem to react to lots of things, but this constant shifting of sensory overload is unbearable at times. Any advice welcomed.


Hi Nicci, I’m not clear what you are asking. There are drugs for neuropathic pain (plus co-codamol) but, other than trying to find an environment or clothing that minimises the pain there isn’t anything else that I know of that helps with this. Best wishes, Anthony

Nicci, I have no solutions, but just wanted to share that I know what you mean & it’s horrible.

If this is something new for you it could be a relaps, so I would contact your ms nurse, I case it’s a relaps, & because she may be able to suggest the best way to deal with it.

good luck, thinking of you, hugs (light ones)

i tried calomine lotion and hundreds of other things.

eventually my lovely gp (who left as all the good ones do) prescribed something which stopped the itch.

i asked him about it and he said it was just a moisturiser but it worked because my brain thought it would.

since then i realise that we can play tricks back on our brains.

cool pads then warm pads

wearing a hat

all sorts of random tricks.

revenge is sweet!

Thanks for your replies.

My nurse advised doubling my nerve pain medication so have been in a fog for almost a week,but the nerve pain is more bearable and not feeling the persistent nausea that any movement caused. After my last relapse 19months ago I was left with hypersensitivity in my left arm, which I have gradually overcome by desensitization. It took some doing Carole, but I agree, we can trick/train our brains in these situations.

Having MRI tomorrow so will hopefully get some answers,though suspect another relapse, unfortunately. Onwards and upwards as they say.

Take care

N x