Muscle weakness - can't run

Hello guys.

I am 24 years old and I was diagnosed with MS about 2 years ago. My problems started with “lhermitte’s sign” - I felt electricity going thru my spine to my legs. I did not have blur vision or double vision (btw since I was diagnosed I have never had them).

I am diagnosed with “clinically isolated syndrome” which is really good.

My only problem is - my legs. I can walk (long distances), I look like a totally health person. But I feel pain and weakness in my legs and also arm muscles. The worst weakness I feel every morning when I wake up or if I sit and work for a long time and then I stand up. I can’t even run. Well I can run - for a bus or tram but after this I got big cramps.

My medication is - copaxone (glatimer acetate) and antidepressants of course.

My question is - is there any medication that may treat my leg pain and weakness? Is there some pain relieve medication? What would you recommend to do? As you can see I am almost “alright” - I have no strong problems with my MS. Just my legs. I’ve told this to my doctor many times but he had never done anything with this.

Hi Peter

There are a few pills that can help with muscle pain and stiffness, like Gabapentin or Baclofen. If you’re not getting anywhere with your GP, try your MS nurse or neuro. They should be able to contact your GP and authorise/recommend a medication.