Muscle Twitching

Hi all

I dont see this is common symptom, though am sure have come across it as something MSrs experinence and support if nerves misfire and annoy muscles it might…

Wondering if anyone experiences these as part of symptom array (before or after diagnosis). Am sure have had them intermittently before (as we all have) but over past few days have had twitching in calves/feet couple times in upper back below shoulder. Its been whilst sitting or lying (or maybe when walking just dont feel it) and enough to the point where have written it in diary

Trying not to google any more, not least as ALS keeps coming up and let me assure you, i dont need any more detail to ramp up the anxiety -waiting for apt is bad enough,

I’ve had eye twitches but then I have other eye issues so not sure if they’re just part and parcel of that. I haven’t had them anywhere else although have read on a few threads other people mention them x