Muscle spasms/labour pains! Please help!

So I am in the middle of a relapse. I was in hospital all of last week on IV sterids because of ON. I got home on Friday afternoon and that night I was rushed back into hospital with the most horrendous pains I have ever had. I have 2 children so I know what labour/contractions feel like and this was it. I knew I wasn’t pregnant though but they were even coming and going a few minutes apart. My husband says he has never seen me in as much pain before and he was the one who rang the ambulance.

Once I got to hospital they gave me morphine and it did help but didn’t take it away completely. They did xrays, bloods scans and could not find out what the problem was.

I do suffer from chronic constipation that can give me pains that are dreadful but this was not that. The pain was in my womb and radiated down my vagina and into my lower back.

It all lasted for about 9 hours and I have been fine since but my question is has anyone else ever had this?

If our MS can cause muscle spasms in our legs, arms and chest (MS HUG) can it cause spasms in our uterus?

I have been seeing my gyne now for a while about constant cramping all month long and she has never found anything to be causing the problem. This was 1000xs worse than that but think its all linked.

Thanks in advance and just hope you don’t think im crazy lol!

I’ve had spasms pretty much everywhere so it’s definitely possible. I’ve never had repeated spasms in the same place mind you (mine tend to be random as far as timing and location go), but I don’t get them badly so I’m probably not a good comparison.

Baclofen is the standard muscle relaxant for voluntary muscles (i.e. muscles that we can choose to move), but it doesn’t work too well for involuntary muscles. Maybe ask to try something if the gyne has given you the all clear?

I hope you get it sorted!

Karen x

I get that could it be your bladder?..i also get thd awful constipation pains…i ended up like you in hospitak and they fobbed me off…realky think it was my bladder…could be that maybe x

Thanks for your replies. I rang my MS nurse and she said she has never come across spasms of the womb before but thats not to say it wasn’t. It was definitley not constipation but not sure about bladder as never had it before. I have a gyne app tomorrow so will mention it but with her probably having no neurological experience she will probably think I’m crazy.

l think you will find it is your bladder that is going into spasm - it is just one big muscle. And if your are constipated your bowel could be causing pressure on your bladder. l have had this - in the past - and yes it is like contractions. l had to get a GP out at night and he gave me a injection - pethidine. lts still a good idea for you to be seen by a gyne - just to make sure its nothing else.

l now take Sativex for muscle spasms - And it certainly works. l have a Supra-pubic catheter as l have no control over my bladder - and when l have the catheter changed l now have a couple of sprays of Sativex [ under my tongue] to help control the spasms as it can make the removal of the cath very difficult when the bladder is constantly spasming. The district nurses joke that they also should have a ‘spray’.

Hope you get some help.


I get the same exact same thing. Terrible cramps, like period pains, but 1000x worse. They are totally random though, don’t seem to have any realation to my periods at all. Can’t really offer any advice, other than to keep going back to doctors and mention it to gynecologist. Just wanted to say i sympathise, love Bex xxx

Muscle Spasms in odd places. I’m glad you have posted this as I have experienced muscle spasms in my vagina but not in my abdomen. I’ve been experiencing it for the past 3 years every day - also feels like I’m sitting on a golf ball - very uncomfortable and painful. I’ve been advised by non-MS Doctors that it’s MS and by MS Neurologist - it’s not MS. I’m stuck and in pain with no relief. I have been checked down there and nothing found out of the ordinary. At night I have heavy tingling (like bubbling boiling water) sensation from the waist down into my right leg when I am lying in bed trying to go to sleep. I would be really interested if anyone has experienced any muscle spasms or tingling in their underneath please and if there’s anything that can be done to help stop the pain, I’ve tried Baclofen but it didn’t do anything to help.

Hi, first post and nervous. Been diagnosed with depression and mental health issues. First thing needed glasses to read, thought old age, then isolating myself and being very withdrawn, sleeping easy for 16hrs day and still tired. Now I have what they expect is sciatic nerve damage as left leg is chronic pain, it buckles and get numbness and tingling, the right leg now feels weird. Feels like I have to concentrate on how to walk and I get muscles spasms and cramps in stomach. I’ve noticed am shaking from time to time not all time. Have I early symptoms of MS? I would love any feed back

Hi Anonymous,

You’ve added a comment to a 6 year old post but never mind.

MS has numerous different symptoms and is diagnosed by a neurologist after numerous tests, MRI scans, lumber punctures etc etc.

From what you describe it could be anything not necessarily MS. I would suggest you keep a symptom diary, list symptoms how long they last etc then go to your DR. If they think it’s neurological then you will be referred.

Hope you get pain sorted soon, difficult to function normally with pain and fatigue.


Sorry never knew was an old post ! , thanks for reply I really do appreciate it’s I’ve never had anything like this at all and need a bit advice as if you google stuff I think a lot is ok but your condemning yourself to an early worry grave lol