Muscle Jolts as I’m falling asleep & Lesions getting smaller


I’ve been diagnosed almost a year now & have sort of come to terms with my diagnosis of RRMS . My neurologist is a specialist in Ms & I was with him last week for results of a Cspine & Brain mri. Spine is clear & brain - 1 new lesion , 1 is a tiny bit larger and the other two have reduced in size ! He was happy , as was I and he said come back to in a year for a follow up and he’s happy for me to remain on no meds! So am I tbh but I told him about these Hypnotic Jerks I’ve been getting as I’ve been falling asleep. He said straight away , that’s anxiety . It doesn’t happen you during the day time

fair enough I guess , but it is so disrupting that it makes me wonder if he’s right .

Do you get these muscle jerks as you’re falling asleep ? Last night I had around 6 before I could fall asleep… and when I get them they throw me off so much as it gives me an adrenaline rush at the same time !

i don’t know what to do as I dread sleeping now

Hi, great news on the legions and no meds, long may it continue!

Re the hypntic jerks, there are nothing to do with MS as far as i know. I know plenty of people who don’t have MS that have them sometimes.

I have had them before, with me they come and go and are worse when i nap, that is to say i don’t tend to get them at night so such. I haven’t had one for a while, but then all of a sudden i will.

I really don’t think they are anything to worry about, although the adrenaline rush does feel a but odd!

Take care and keep healthy,

RL, :slight_smile:

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The current wisdom seems to be the earlier you get treatment the better the outcome, so what is the point in waiting until you get worse?

“Early treatment with a DMT can reduce disease activity
In people with relapsing forms of MS, starting treatment with a disease-modifying therapy (DMT) early in the disease course is associated with better long-term outcomes than delaying treatment.25 Different DMTs act on the body in different ways and each is associated with a particular set of benefits and possible side effects. Choosing the most appropriate DMT for you is therefore something to talk about with your healthcare professionals (see page 5 for suggested topics), along with how to lead a brain-healthy lifestyle (see page 3).”

Also, if you have a problem with restless legs, then magnesium can greatly ease the problem and worth trying.

I tried Copaxone a few months ago & it didn’t agree with me so I came off it

since coming off it , I’ve been trying for a baby so I’m in no rush to go back on a med right now .

These jerks / muscle spasms have me frightened though ,… it really scares me that it’s going to cause a seizure

Thank you for the comment.

Do do you remember if you changed anything that may have made it stop ??

I get them too. I think as when you lie down and are just dropping off, you muscles are relaxed and then the MS activates a nerve and TWITCH! Its not cause a seizure. Seizure is neurological - restless leg syndrome, muscles. Neuropathic pain mebbe.


Tbh, they just tend to come and go of their own accord.

My husband has them sometimes too (he doesn’t have MS).

It makes sense that someone would get them more the more anxious they were, but as far as I know if they are hypnic jerks they really are nothing to worry about (as unpleasant as they can be).

I have found this website which suggests some possible things you can do to reduce the instance of them but if this is what you’re experiencing they are nothing to do with MS and completely harmless. I hope this is of some help

I know people have mentioned restless legs, and although I’ve never had this symptom, does this just affect the legs? Hypnic jerks are more of a whole body experience which, for me at least, starts psychologically, ie, I dream I’m falling or tripping and then ‘jump’ myself awake.

Happy to be educated about restless legs though by any of you who know more :slight_smile: