body jerking

Hello i am new to this site, i cannot sleep tonight because i am dealing with a lot of pain down one side of my body from head to foot i have taken my morphine hoping they will kick in soon.does anyone get really bad jerking when they are starting to go to sleep, i get really frightened .

I am new to computers and forums.


Hello Ceri, sorry to hear you’re in pain. For me the whole body spasms usually occur when I’ve been still for a while. Lying down seems to trigger them off when trying to sleep. I tend to just write off yet another bit of precious sleep. I don’t think they do me much harm apart from being a pain in the backside. Please keep writing on the forum as it’s a good place for ideas and support. Best wishes, Steve.

Hi Ceri, I don’t spasm, I twitch a lot sometimes though. I take Amitriptyline and that helps me settle at night

Hope you stick with it on the forum, there’s so much help and support here.

Sonia x

Hi Ceri, Like Steve I too get whole body spasms too when I lie down…I know they can be scary when they are severe and they come out of the blue. This has been happening to me for quite a few years…I don’t like them but you do get used to them eventually. I have found this forum to be a real life saver, there are so many people on here that are so kind and helpful. I find it so calming when I read about other people in the same situation. No matter how kind, caring and understanding our friends and family are they can never truly understand in the way that people on here do. I really hope you will continue to come on the forum and get to know our very lovely little gang. Hope the pain is better today. Best wishes, Nina x

Hi Ceri

Welcome to the forum, lots of lovely friendly people on here, always willing

to listen and offer good advice.

I too get spasms and twitching in bed, but take amitriptyline and baclofen,

which helps to a degree. I always think it is most noticeable in bed, and I

think that when it happens in daytime, you have more distractions than at

night. Mind you, this is only my theory, and I could be wrong.

Keep coming on the forum, lots of good advice to be learnt here.

Pam x

Hi Ceri annd Welcome to the board. I get leg spasms and have tried Baclofen which worked but had side affects so was changed to Tizanidine and that seems better for me. I used to take Amitriptyline but found it addictive so weaned myself off it but it was very good at calming the body down. I hope you can find something that helps. Do you get on with your GP? get them to give some differeent drugs a try, I have had all sorts over the years and found what works for me. Don

Hi Ceri

Welcome again to the forum. I haven’t been here very long either, I joined to ask a few questions over the years before diagnosis but since ms was confirmed a few weeks ago I’ve had a lot of help and support here. As the others have said the people are friendly, supportive and full of knowledge and advice. You don’t need to be a computer boffin or I would imagine there would be considerably less of us here.

I also get a lot of pain for which I take morphine but do you only take it as needed or regularly? If you need it often as a top up then your regular dose isn’t high enough. You’ll need to keep a record of how much you need in 24 hours over a few days so your doctor can alter it.

Morphine doesn’t help my twitches, like the others I get them mostly when I’m dozing off. I also take Amitriptyline at night, it doesn’t completely stop them but ensures I get a good night’s sleep. Your morphine should be used for pain but not as a drug to put you to sleep.

As mentioned by the others what works for one doesn’t always work for everyone but there are options for you to try.

Take care and keep up with the forum, it’s true that people here can help and support you in ways family and friends can’t. Someone will have experience no matter what the topic.

Cath x

Hi Ceri and welcome to the board…

I get the whole body jerks as well, usually when I’m dropping off. They are scary at first but you do get used to them.

Remind yourself that lots of us get them and they’ve never done us any harm… & in time you just learn to live with them.

Hope you can get the pain sorted hon. There is nothing worse.

You’re in a really good place on here… we’re all here to help and support.

Take care,

Pat xxx

Hi all

I like to thank you all for your warm support , it means alot to me .

Sorry i havent replied sooner i am in a flare , i got to wait nine days for ivs two days ago i wanted to kill my self not because i was deppresed it was my left side of my body and brain was like being burnt alive.

I am a humourus person that likes to have a laugh but this illness even takes that away.

I would like to know more about you all like what you like doing what holidays u have whats your hobbies are you married how do your parteners cope what tv programmes you like to watch etc.

I still like to thank you all it means a lot to me.

Ceri my missuss now slleeps in the other room because of mine she even had bruises from me going into spassm and bashing her hope you are feelingg ok now. Don

Hi Ceri,

I have something in common with Don, my husband sleeps next door, not because I kick him;) but becase of my snoring!

I’m a petite little thing but I snore like a large animal, having seen the state of my sinuses on my MRI, I doubt that’ll change anytime soon - oops!

So there, you know I’m married and petite, tonight I’ll be miffing my husband even more as there’s a Harry Potter film on :slight_smile:

I think I’m a young at heart 43 years old, we’re self employed and work in financial services, I did also teach pole dancing classes at a gym, so now I’m in danger of turning into a bitter twisted old dragon lol, but I will try not to! The people here are really lovely and I’ve been in touch with a lovely lady about meet ups with other MS people in my area.

Tell us some more about you Ceri

Sonia x

Sonia bitter and twisted dragon I dont believe it (in best Victor Mildrew voice) snoring was another reason she went in the other bedroom as well. I dont snore now as I discovered I have sleep Apnea and now have a machine and a mask much better. Ceri I now sleep with my legs higher and that has made a difference I had forgotten I now do that I have got an uppy downy bed but my Uncle used to have a couple of bricks under the foot end of the bed he has leg ulcers and I pinched the idea it may be worth a try.


Hi Don! I like the Frog