mummy in need of advice and people to talk to

Hi all I have a little one of 8 months old he’s amazing but it’s me that’s having the problems 1st carrying him struggling with this alot wondered if anyone got any tips 2nd have a wet room and little one doesn’t like the shower so hubby has to bath him in the baby bath which I can’t do any advice 3rd can’t go out far as causes pain have a wheelchair but can’t use with pram anyone think of anything had ot out but they can’t come up with anything really and I’m sure I’m not the first mum nor the last like this advice very much appreciated Sherrie :slight_smile:

hi sherrie

i’m so happy to read that your baby boy is bringing you happiness.

could you take him in your wheelchair if he was in a sling?

i carried my eldest around all the time in a sling.

he was premature so he found it comforting to be so close to me.

i found it comforting too

i hope you get many more replies.

carole x

You might find answers here

The shower thing may come with age hun as he is only little so probably feels better in a bath however your could to get yjos transition let him sit in the shower area and play with the shower head whilst its on etc. That’s how I got my son ti have showers when on holiday as there was no bath and ut has worked. Sorry I can’t help with the others but hopefully someone on here may come up with something x

Thank you for all your replies I shall try the advice out that you have given me x

You used to be able to get a stand for a baby bath. This would enable you to put the baby in and use the shower head to fill the bath and get him use to the shower head. Babies grow so quickly - he will soon be giving you the run around.

Just google ‘folding baby bath stand’ lots of options.

Try sitting in the shower with your baby for a few times. Might help him adjust. Not sure what to suggest to be honest about getting out and about? How about contacting your local sure start centre and tell them about your problems and ask if anyone would be able to help you get there and back with your baby?There are always baby groups on and it’ll be good to meet other Mum’s with babies the same age.

Yeh I had a changing unit but he got to big but I will Google about the stand and see what I can see Yeh my husband takes us to a baby group which is nice to get out for a bit I have my husband but I would like to be doing the stuff for my child xxx

Try contacting sure start or home start … They have things for mummies and children and can sometimes help mums with health problems xxxx

hi sherrie

i agree with lisalou

surestart will also help with school when he is old enough.

i’ve been wracking my brain since yesterday but my memory is shot to pieces.

carole x