Multiple Sclerosis and Cancer.

I just got dx with the blood C, in a letter (a hospital discharge summary to be exact) and was wondering if there are sufferers out there also dealing with these two disabilities, at the same time?

I feel not too down about it tbf and again, as with the MS b4, somewhat indifferent: it’s just more schnitzel to be inconvenienced and lumped with, I suppose. :slightly_smiling_face:

You are a brave resilient soul. I don’t understand how the hospital have sent you a discharge summary though as you need to be informed about your treatment plan?

I truly wish you the best in dealing with both of these diseases and hope you get the treatment needed.


Hi Mary,
Thanks. The hospital put me on the strongest antibiotics available there and then gave me a course of antibiotics to continue with, at home.

I sensed they were a bit coy with the diagnosis, but it stated the reason for my hospital admission, in the print-out. I’m not that despondent about it tbh, perhaps my hematologist will fill me in with more detail, when I next see her.

I’m feeling absolutely shattered atm, it just feels double or even triple the fatigue with the multiple sclerosis, cancer and all the treatments.

Cancer is the word nobody wants to hear, it’s a scary time.
I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016, had an operation to remove tumour followed by 8 weeks of radiotherapy. For 6 years I had yearly mammograms and was taking tablets prescribed by my oncologist. I was told I was in complete remission in 2022 and I am doing fine now thankfully.
Please mind yourself as the worry of what was going on with me caused a relapse but once I knew the treatment plan, had steroids to ease the relapse things became clearer and I managed to face and deal with it.
Be good to yourself and take things as and when as best you can.
Much Love

Hi Mary,
Hope you’re well. Yes, just the C word on NHS document does leave your mind with some guess work.
I’m premonitious with the dianosis, it said None followed by blood results and then reason for hospital admission: FEVER + CANCER.
The elephant pellet sized antibiotics they gave me to take home, reminds me of my manager’s tablets he was taking, sadly b4 he lost to lung cancer.
Feeling slightly fevery now, very fatigued and my muscles and joints ache.
I will be seen at Macmillan again next month, for my ITP blood disorder, so they’re the ones to shed more light.

Hi Muchthesamemuchness
I was diagnosed PPMS in September 22 and following a routine mammogram in July 2023, i was diagnosed with Breast cancer (total shock, I felt no lump or any change, but thankfully the mammogram picked it up and they removed a 55mm tumour plus a couple of smaller invasive ones). I had my operation and radiotherapy, I didn’t tolerate the tablets I should have been on for 5 more years but will have annual mammograms.
I am sorry to read your pathway to discovery and really wish you well!!

I coped by thinking that I had a plan through the cancer journey… and an my head it was going to be 8 months of ‘rubbish’ then hopefully nothing more. I kind of thought I could get through the cancer treatment ok, probably accepting and dealing with that better than I am the MS if I am totally honest!!

Good luck everyone x

Hi @BlinkingMS
I think I now know why it’s called the big C.
It relates to having a high C-Reactive Protein (CRP) level in your blood and may not always indicate having cancer, but maybe, idk tbh. I wish it was better explained.

I agree having MS is more frustrating, as all your plans can be scuppered at the last minute, if it suddenly decides not to play ball with you.
Best regards,

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